I can’t Sleep -_-

Because of my illnesses- I find it really hard to sleep! My drs describe it as Insomnia or sometimes Painsomnia. Me- I just call it a f*cking pain in the arse! 😂😂😂

Aside from craft, writing my book, doing college work and doing this blog- one thing that I ALWAYS do at stupid O’clock when everyones asleep, is listen to music.

I’m listening to my phone on shuffle mode tonight.
Its quite entertaining!
First up was Dick-A-Dum-Dum  by des o’connor,   followed by She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert,  then songs by take that, abba, queen, westlife, ed sheeran, sam smith. You name it ive listened to it tonight! 😂😂😂

I am sooooo bored tonight! I want to sleep but my body wont let me! Grrrr!

L x


About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. I'm Lana, a 20 year old crazy person with chronic illness/disability living for the moment. my blogs a bit weird, a bit 'out there' and a bit well... me. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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