An Eventful Evening!

What an eventful evening! Had a blackout into the wall/doorframe and hurt my neck/head, was really confused and dazed, Mum and Uli took me to crawley walk in – and all the nurse did was take my blood pressure (which is normally really low and NEVER above 110… And it was 171/89 and then 156/80) and do an ECG on me (and did it awkwardly -_-) …. Then 3 hours (Nats number) later the doctor decided after discussion that I was to be taken by ambulance to A&E at ESH for an emergency CT scan – All strapped up 🙈 – Couldnt fault the Paramedics (Paul and I think she was called April) who had a bit of banter with us and were absolutley bloody amazing! …. It was so uncomfortable laying straight and strapped up (it was like I was in a straight jacket, I’m not even joking)- and being driven in an Ambulance was quite a strange experience too.
When I got there mum and Uli were told to wait outside, and I was transfered to a different trolley (being rolled and slid isnt comfortable AT ALL may I add) and they put different big blocks arround my head (Still had a neck brace though).
It was so scary. The lights were too bright, there was all these voices talking to me, and I could only see the ones who got up close and put there head near mine!
The CT scan was quite funny though, they took an image and then the woman said “you’ve got a zip in your head!” And I was like”Errrm….No I havent!” … It turns out the mattress thing wasnt done up properly and the zip looked like it was in/growing out of my head 😂😂😂.
Im so blessed to have Mumsie and Uli there ❤
I know Nat was with me too- I was in Bed 30 – and then put in Bay C!
So After being layed down, flat as anything (which was painful, and caused a fibro flare up and my joints to go "Nope dont like this") for hours on a bed in a brace and headblocks, having CT Scans, IV painkillers, half hourly obs, an ECG,and failed attempts at canulas (and finally they did one on my upper wrist area- OUCH) – They've said I havent down any bone damage to my neck (Thank God!), it’s just a soft tissue injury to the neck And I have severe concussion!  Its been an eventful bloody night to say the least!


I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my mumsie and Uli for being my rocks as per usual – I love you both soooooo much! :*

Sooo happy to be home now though!



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