Todays Agenda!


I’m feeling better after yesterday- so Thank You Karen 🙂

Today- not only will I be working my arse off revising and doing general college work/exam prep!  I’m also sorting out things for my 18th which is just 5 weeks and a bit away!

So on todays list of party prep- the memory stuff!

I say memory stuff… Because as some of you know (the ones that have been helpinge with my little projects!) – I’m doing threeish things to do with my 18th. Im doing a dvd/montage of pictures to be played at my 18th all night haha! (Not for youtube this time though- just me, my party guests and a few select few) Then, a memory book for the whole of my life so far (yeah I’m nuts I know) – and finally there is a surprise thing which the clarkies are doing for me! (And its top secret so no-one else knows 😉 )

The dvd is top of my list at the minute for partyprep and even now as I sit on the bus in to college, I’m collecting pictures for it from all different sources (and taking the odd cheeky selfie too pmsl!)

I’m also going to be trying to trying to convince CERTAIN people nearer the time to take a selfie with me for my memory dvd/book! (I’m retaking certain selfies, because now I’ve lost loads of weight- I’m taking better pictures 😉 #fabulous 😉 )  these certain people are people who have helped me in many ways, – and that I can use to represent stuff… I.e. instead of asking every teacher thats helped me at collyers for a selfie – I’ll ask one or two! – and when I do my memory book- I can write about all of them! – get it?

I shall also spend today singing along to my favourite songs (Namely- Heaven is a place on earth – Belinda Carlisle, We Built This City- Starship, Dont you want me baby, and Helen shapiro’s Bestest song ever… WALKING BACK TO HAPPINESS!- I swear I shouldve been born a LONG time ago 😉 ) and writing one of my “letters to natalie” posts.

So all in all- busy day…


Love You All, Even if you’re all bonkers!

LanaLoo xxx


About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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