An Eventful Week + Apologies!

Firstly- I’ve realised I’m addicted to this blog… And facebook…and twitter…. And snapchat (I love snapchat 😂😂😂) and INSTAGRAM! WHAT HAS MY LIFE COME TO! OMG.

Omg instagram… My life.

Secondly…. We all realised that My bestest Spoon Friend Jack looks like Ed Miliband!

Thirdly- I’ve just found these pictures again- aren’t we fab 😉 haha!


Oh and We’ve been looking after Uli/Natalies dog Baileyboo, and Their cats Jake and Gizz this weekend! (See the end of this post for pictureeeees)

Lastly- Well. It was an eventful week back at college.


I was still really poorly on the monday and tuesday due to recovering from the eventful week before (the whole Blackout into a door/doorframe/wall resulting in concussion disaster!). Wednesday however I ended up back at college – which was quite frankly the best feeling ever. Though it wasn’t exactly easy. BUT- the lovely Karen cheered me up (Karen,  “ssssssssssh” ahaha) and so did chilling with some of my favourite people at 3 10 (you know who you are).

Thursday was a WHOLE different story. My day started with me blacking out into a lamppost. And things went from bad to worse. It was bloody awful.  POTS was making itself known- and made really upset because it was soo frustrating.

Friday wasn’t much better.
Infact it was worse.
English was the worst ( No before you comment on that bit Karen; I dont mean the actual lesson, Just my health part aha!)


I hate my health conditions. They piss me off SO MUCH. FFS.

And to make matters worse, I took the wrong painkillers. I took my codeine. Luckily it takes a long time to start to work, so it didnt kick in until the end of the lesson ( though I’m told I didnt go loopy until we reached the bus stop)

Apologies to Karen for bombing her with messages- the poor woman! (I can’t believe I put “OI KAREN!” 😂😂😂 ooops) – So sorry karen! 😂 x

Even bigger apologies to one of my bestest friends Ella for embarrassing her! Bless her heart. Els, I’m incredibly grateful for friday- so thanks bitch face :* love youuuuuuuuuuu my little siblinglike poophead! XxxxxX

Sorry to all at the bus-stop for my revelations too 😂😂😂.

A positive to friday is that I found out I’ve lost weight again! Progress!

Saturday wasnt very eventful to be fair, though I did feel better! And took some pretty awesome selfies 😉


That and started Project E-O-A-G-F-M-T-A-P (End of AS gifts for my teachers and people ;))
Can’t post toooo much because I’m sending a link to this to one of them!
I’m trying to work out when the best time to give it to them is though because after my op im not allowed to carry heavy things and my op is after my last exam… So I might just do it the week before exams… Hmmmmm food for thought. 

So. It’s now sunday. And this morning at 0100 I was bored so I looked at old pictures… This is portmahomack…


And this is inverness….


My goal is to get myself well enough go back up to the port within the next couple of years or so to go visit my aunt and uncle again who live there, and because I love the port. Its beautiful! Don’t you agree?

And I’m conserving my energy for tomorrow (not because I feel old or anything though 😉 )

So I shall be spending my day revising, party prepping for my 18th which is only 4 WEEKS AWAY 😱 and chilling. And might even do more of my project!

One thing thats happened today is that I’ve actually caught a blackout ON FILM! I took a video of myself, as was going to do a mini video, and I ended up blacking out! Omfg!

Thought at the end of this post I’d post some pics and quotes you may enjoy 😉


(Ulis Cat Jake!)


And Natalie’s/Uli’s Cat Gizzy


And ofcourse their BaileyBoo!


Told you I’m better today…








I Love You all- You bonkers lot!
LanaLoo xxx


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