My Last week of being a child….

Today was my last day as a 17 year old.
The last day of my childhood *cries*
I wish I could say I did something interesting and childish. But no, I took my English Lit exam.
Oh what Joy.

I suddenly feel so old. Did I tell you all I found multiple grey hairs the other day! Yes- Grey. Grey before I’m 18. For Flips sake.
So everything is pretty much ready for tomorrow part from cooking and prepping the food (mumsies doing this though!). The Memory DVD is done. The video camera and Camera all charged and ready to be used.
My outfit and Hat is ready.
I just need to get myself ready tomorow and I’ll be set.
It’s a strange feeling today. It’s knowing tomorrow is a big deal. But Natalie won’t be there. I mean sure- she will be a part of it, She always is. But I just wish she could BE there.  And nan. And grandad. And everyone else.
I wish I could have them all back again for one night… But then I know they’d want me to stop being so stupid.

So anyway- this is 15 of the things I’ve done on my last week as a child….

This week I…
1- Took Selfies with Karen (The Crazy Human Variety not the Minion this time)
2- Gave my teachers and support staff their thank you presents so I don’t have to worry about them after my exams and after my little op.
3- took 3 out of 4 AS exams (all whilst sitting on the floor but hey! I did the best I could!)
4- managed to finish cleaning my room without too many injuries (note: its taken me 6 weeks to do this)
5- started a new chapter in my life (Something I will explain and share with you all sooooon)
6- finished my memory dvd!
7- watched one of my childhood favourites on youtube- Rosie and Jim
8- Re Listened to the first ever CD/Album I ever asked for – which happened to be Cher’s Believe!
9- I dislocated my shoulder and couldnt get it back in for like 20 minutes…and so ofcourse, I took photos… And uploaded them on instagram…and then ofcourse to relocate it I manipulated it whilst singing along to I’m gonna be 500 miles. As you do. (All I can say is thank fridgemagnents I have an incredibly high pain threshold)


10- Read the blind man by d.h.lawrence and cried. Like proper uglycry crying! It was such a heartbreaking, soul destroying book. (karen I swear down that is the last time I follow your advice in terms of book suggestions ‘oh read the blind man, its lovely’….)

11- No explanation needed…


12- I got sent this picture of my nephew and edited it with one of mine just because!


13- I finally figured out a way to stop myself from sending the wrong texts to the wrong people (by setting contact pictures – you’ll be pleased to know I think its working now…)
14- I sang knees up mother brown to someone running past me (She was wearing a brown hoodie, and doing a run where her legs looked like they were both going to knee her in the face, and her ankles kick her arse…)
15- Blacked out into a woman who I know, and pulled her skirt down… Ooooooops


About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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