A New Idea!

So unfortunately, as some of you know, I seem to be getting more blackouts and flare ups recently!

So I’ve been trying to think of ways I can make things easier for me on my crappy days – especially on days where My parents are at work and I’m on my own. *Fights urge to sing Les Mis…*

I reused some of the boxes my Birthday Presents came in and used them to create my spoonie boxes!  I now have by the side of my bed: 3 boxes (which I shall show you below), my lined sick bowl (will explain below!)  my video camera, plenty of water bottles, and a hot water bottle (Pictured below)

My theory is this- On a really bad day, It’s not always safe for me to be travelling up and downstairs all the time, So if I only go down when I need to fill up my bottles, hot water bottle or get food, then surely that’s safer right?

So on a bad day, in my bedroom I can just open up the boxes and everything is there ready to go!

Its also handy for if I’m having a flare up but want to be downstairs, because I can just take the boxes downstairs with me and its all there so I only have to go upstairs if I need to go to the toilet!

Right! First Box!


As you can see- this is my ‘essentials’ box.  Its got the little but highly important things I’d need in a flare up/ bad blackouts day. So going from Left to right. Hair stuff- i.e. a headband thing, comb, bands. On a flare up day the last thing you want to bother with is your hair. however, at the same time, you don’t want it in your face or worse… covered in vomit.

Next, is Vaseline/lipbalm,  Sudocrem, and Hand cream.  Again things that are important on flare up days! (You’d be surprised!)

Tissues are also important for obvious reasons!

In the brown medicine tub thing is what I put my daily medication in because my old see through one is no longer big enough! (BOOOOO). The various pills next to this bottle is the various pain meds/ other meds I may need to take on a flare up day. (this is on top of my daily meds not instead of )

The weird green looking thing with the brown strap is my insect bite clicker thing which is weird to use but it works so hey! – On the horrible times where I’ve had a flare up AND insect bites, I’ve not had the energy to go find this so it comes in handy to have it near!

And of course in typical POTSie style, I have a pot of salt, and some sugary items.

Right- Moving onto the next box!

IMAG4865 IMAG4867

bit of a weird one, so excuse my weird concoction of stuff!

In this I have a Nat Hat, High School Musical soundtrack (because Jack got it for me, and he cheers me up so this CD does as well), some inspirational stuff like the spoon I decorated for myself! and my amazing inspiration gift from my Vicks (Vicky Peters! ), some headphones, my ipod, pens, a notebook, chargers for my phone, ipod and videocamera, some perfume (because im addicted to the smell!), more tissues, cleaner for my electronic screens!, Gump the Zebra and ofcourse Some comfy socks.

The last box is for some DVDs that cheer me up when I’m in a flare up! these are just two of them!


And finally, my blanket, hot water bottle, and my sick bowl (Its a hospital one I line with a dog poop bag and re use! )

IMAG4863 IMAG4869 IMAG4885



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Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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