Just Call Me Bionic Betty!

So Jacks Nicknamed me Bionic Betty… He must be BionicBorris or something eh? 😉 ahahaha Love my Ed Milispoon I tell you!

Well, If You’ve got me on facebook you’ll already know most of this, but anyway it answers your questions though if any questions are unanswered message me!

I am now part machine!

So as most of you know I was meant to have an op back in may but it got cancelled on the day due to lack of beds! (actually it was originally booked for april but that had to be cancelled not long after it was booked!).
So they rebooked me for 19/6/15; and The closer we approached it the more shit scared I became.
I wasnt scared of the op itself, but of it being cancelled again.
To say it was stressful is an understatement!

So… I went into college on the thursday, and at 1300 I rang the bed manager as I was told to do, fully expecting to be cancelled….and instead I was given a ward name and floor to go to the next day! I was literally over the moon! I went back in my health and social lesson buzzing (no joke! Vicky can vouch for me there! Haha!). Nats number 3 striked again!
I then wheeled myself out of the door of the J building in celebration (thats a story in itself)
Fastforward to 0530 the next morning, and I was getting in to Uli’s Car to go with her and Mumsie to London for the Op! It was the start of a very long day! We had to be there by 0800, hence leaving so early! All the way there Nats Number 3 was there!

So this was it! Finally! After waiting this long!
It was happening!
Which meant I would be getting answers!


So fast forward again to 0815; and I was put in the York Ward of the Royal Brompton Hospital.


And hours later at like 1100, after numerous things happening (such as a bloody awful experience with a cannula, seeing the lovely nurse having to deal with the worlds worse patient who had an issue with her bloody toast and eggs! And the Lab people coming to get me like 3 times!) I was eventually taken down to have my op.


I was taken via Lift 3, My Operation was on Level 3, Lab 3.  Again Nats number.
I knew it was all going to be cool when that happened!

So fast forward again to after the op itself (which went okay, it was done under local, but there was some issues because of my health stuff, but I’m not going in to detail on here about it! I cannot fault the team who did my op there!  they were amazing! Especially the tec guy Piers, when he hit himself in the nuts with a swinging Cable and shouted “ooh my goolies” and sunk to the floor!

The op took longer than expected and I didnt get back on the word until 1315 ish I think!


I was eventually discharged at 1905 and we left in ulis car at 1915.


So you can imagine it was a very long day. By this point I’d had enough. And some of it was a blur.
I had some very strong pain relief for the way home…
I dont remember most of it! Apparently I was entertaining. And took selfies I dont remember taking….


and messaged/emailed people!
I even emailed collyers staff (I’m sooo sorry! Im still mortified!)

For those that don’t know, My operation was to have an Implantable loop recorder fitted!
An ILR is basically a little USB sized device that measures my heart rate 24/7 and records signifficant changes in my hr, or I can also activate it myself with this!


And then at the end of the day, I use this machine to send my data off to My Team at Brompton! Clever isn’t it!


It seems to be healing quite well so far!
Its painful… And my health problems arent helping things but I’m getting there slowly!



Hopefully We will start to get answers now!
I’d just like to Thank my Uli for friday!
Not only did she take me and mum all the way to london and back for my operation, but she was an absolute rock for us as usual, and she put up with me on my crazy pills! So that in itself proves how amazing she is!
Uli you’re not just a neighbour, or  friend, or my bestfriends mum. You’re family.
And I love you xxx3xxx

Mum, Thank You for everything you do. As usual you were my rock and even when I was losing the plot you and Uli calmed me down and got me to be reasonable! I love you!

Oh! And I’m in the middle of some big blog posts but they’re a work in progress! So watch this space!


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Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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