An Eventful Week + The Wedding Reception!

Hi Everybody!

Sorry I’ve been quiet again! It’s been an eventful time!

The week started out okayish!

Tuesday was by far the best day because I got to spend some time with my LoonyLady  and give her her special box I made her (Because I’m a ‘cowbag’ like that 😉 pahaaha Love you woman!).

Then I had College wednesday, which didn’t go too badly…

But after that Everything went downhill.

I flared up on and off from then on.

Friday was the worse day. I was not myself at all!

But It was a very special couples wedding on Saturday, So I was determined to be better for that!

Saturday came and although not 83% (thats what my 100% is compared to “normies”), there was nothing stopping me from going to my Emily and Chris’s wedding reception!
So, armed with lots of medication, my new leg splints, my wrist splints, Walking stick and ofcourse my hat… Off we went!

We got there later than planned but still, WE MADE IT!
We were greeted by one of my favourite hug givers (The lovely Karen- Mother of the bride!)…

And ofcourse then The Beautiful Bride and Very dapper groom!

We were there for a little while, I caught up with 3 of the ranger girls (good to see you, Sorry I didn’t speak to you for long, as you could tell things weren’t fab; and sorry I didn’t say goodbye properly, I was a bit dazed).

Then my wrist popped out… And in relocatin


that, my fingers came out… Then it set off a chain reaction and everything seemed to pop out!
My shoulder then would not go back in whatever I tried! In the end I had to go in a seperate room with my mum and relocate it with the help of her and a wooden beam (quite funny now I look back!).

We went back into the main room, and thats when I started to feel poorly again… This time I really thought I was going to “go”…

We sat for a while then I knew I had to get out.

I took myself off with my parents into the seperate room, and had two blackouts, one after the other.

I have never felt so guilty in all my life – I felt like I had traumatised people!
But actually it wasn’t that bad because it was in a  less busy room!

This was what I posted on my facebook that night-
” Okay, So One more soppy post.
A huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs Burt on their wedding day today! Thank you for a lovely evening, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay long  (and I’m sorry for blacking out twice! I hope I didn’t traumatise anyone haha! ). I am so happy and proud of you both. You really are the best couple! Two of the most amazing people I know!  You both mean the world to me, and I love you both loads and am so lucky to have you both!
Emily, you looked stunning in both dresses!
Chris, Very dapper dude! Haha!
Congratulations you two! See you soon :* xxx”

I may have only managed to go for a little while, But I am so glad I went. Chronic Illness takes away a lot from me. But my determination? Never.

I am so glad I managed a couple of hours for Emily and Chris. I really thought that Emily was going to make me cry though, especially when she got me to hold her hand when I was leaving and follow her out of the room (which I’m surprised I did in one piece to be honest) SHES JUST TOO AMAZING!

They are both apart of our family, and I love them both sooooo much. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Burt! 🎉🎉🎉


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Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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