#1 Thankful Tuesday 8/9/15

Todays thankful tuesday is for 3 of the most amazing people in my life. My EdMilispoon, Titch and LoonyLady. 3 people that put up with my messages at f*ck knows what time of the day, that cheer me up every time, that know me more than I realised. They know exactly what to say to me to re-ignite my inner spark! AND KICK MY ARSE BACK IN TO GEAR! And today these 3 saved me from my own brain turning to mush!

So- My two best friends. I love you both, and thank you for everything you both do for me each and every day. You’re my rocks and  two  of the people I trust most in this world. I dont know what I would do without you both. We are the three muskybeards. Thank you for today, for yesterday, for always. Thank you for never making me feel like a burden. Thank you for never making me feel guilty for talking about my issues, thank you for kicking my arse when I need it. Thank you for being there 24/7. Thank you for making me laugh so much I cry. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for all the completley crazy, dirtyminded, pure, honest conversations we have. Thank you for being my family. Thank you for being my bestfriends forever and always. Thank you for being understanding and for never giving up on me.
Thank you.  I love you both (+ I love Little Miss Sophie too obviously I love my little minititch)


My LoonyLadyGillian.
What can I say? Thank you for today, and every day you’ve helped me since we met. (Even if you havent realised you helped).
You’re incredible. I can’t put it all into words, but what I will say is thank you. Thank you for today. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for being someone that I trust. Thank you for sending me your dubsmashes. Thank you for introducing me to MOULIN ROUGE! Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for being one of my closest friends. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making me smile.
Thank you for everything.  See you soon for Hugs and Raisins!!!
Love you loonylady xxx

Love you all :*



About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. I'm Lana, a 20 year old crazy person with chronic illness/disability living for the moment. my blogs a bit weird, a bit 'out there' and a bit well... me. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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