A Day In My Life

Some people have asked me to start vlogging. But I dont think youtube could cope with my face at 0300am yet, so going to do my own version  of “a day in the life” by blogging!
Its just some of my thoughts, feelings, events that happen in a 24 hour period. 
I will be logginghow many blackouts I have, but not dislocations/subluxations because I have too many to count.
So this is the 8th september 2015! Enjoy!

00:33 and I ‘m still wide awake.
The pain is getting to me right  now. Nothings working.
I spent the first part of tonight watching Moulin Rouge, however now thats done with I don’t even want to sit and watch Mamma mia! I’m just here listening to music and writing rambling blog posts!
Blackouts so far (I count them from 0000 onwards): 1 
Seizures: 0
Feeling- Pained.

0100 and I’m still up. I’ve moved on to re-watching the dubsmashes my loonylady sent me the other day. Trying to distract myself from the pain.
Its not working. And it’s not making me sleepy either, but the lack of sleep is nothing new!
Blackouts so far : 3
Seizures: 0
Feeling- emotionally spoonless, Annoyed.

0245 and I slept for about an hour, and now wanting to pee, yet everytime I go, I sort myself out, go back to bed and WANT TO BLOODY PEE AGAIN! LIKE 40 SECONDS AFTER GOING! WTF?! And it still bloody burns Every time I go after sundays adventure!

Blackouts so far : 3
Seizures: 0
Feeling-  pissed off! (get it! 😉 )

0310 and i’m now sat arranging my own score for Ed Sheerans Thinking out loud. Because my legs really arent bloody working like they used to before!  Blackouts so far : 3
Seizures: 1
Feeling- frustrated

0445 so I slept for about 45ish minutes! Now I’m awake again with both shoulders subluxing every time I try to lay flat.
Blackouts so far : 3
Seizures: 1
Feeling- pained! Tired,

0530 – so I slept for about 20 minutes and then I heard a bang outside and a screaming cat, which ofcourse scared me shitless, woke me up, and then I jolted upwards…and set my shoulders off AGAIN. Bloody hell. Now I’m sat thinking about everything and everyone. Too much time, too much thinking me thinks. I’ve logged out of facebook, too much temptation to message people and tell them what I think of them haha!!!
  Blackouts so far : 3
Seizures: 1
Feeling- angry,

0600 I SLEPT FOR 10 MINUTES!  WOOOOOOOHOOOO! 😀 YESSSSSS! Not a bad nights sleep compared to other days!  Blackouts so far : 4
Seizures: 1
Feeling- tired but not tooo bad, POTSieish

0630 – slept for 10 more minutes! My alarms just gone off (I use my phone – it sang El Tango De Roxanne to me- I’m happy)  now… To log back on to facebook or to leave it another hour!
Should I just lay here a bit longer or get up and take my meds and stuff?
Hmmmmmmmm decisions decisions
Blackouts so far : 4
Seizures: 1
Feeling: bored, slightly confused,

0745: Mums just left for work.
I’m drifting in and out of sleep.
Pains bad, going to get up in a minute, have a shower and See how I go.
Blackouts so far : 4
Seizures: 1
Feeling: Flarey

0950- nothing much to say, had breakfast (and then felt sick for 30 minutes- bleurgh), took my tablets then had a shower, then spent an hour recovering from said shower! Sooo tired and flarey today! Paaainful times!
I logged back in to facebook, recieved a message from my loony lady (Which I’m always happy to get!).

Blackouts so far : 7
Seizures: 1
Feeling: poorly and down

1200- F*ck a duck.
I am so done with today already. Watched Moulin rouge again to try and cheer me up. Even thats not working. Spending my time layed on the floor watching films with my feet elevated. Had lunch, and then puked it back up again. Ewwwwwwwwwwww!

Blackouts so far : 21
Seizures: 2
Feeling: down, drained and angry.

1400: Okay so my loony lady made me smile again by messaging me. ( I hope the tattoo covered bee wasn’t too scary!)

Still not right, but I’m more positive!
Joints are bad today, but I can manage okayish!
Blackouts so far : 33
Seizures: 2
Feeling: optimistic

1900- My best friends are the best. Thats all I’m going to say! “HAKUNA YOUR MATATAS!”  Love you both :*

My loony lady is also the best and never fails to make me laugh! Love you woman!

Blackouts so far : 41
Seizures: 2
Feeling: optimistic

2130- so we’ve eaten, tablets have been taken, conversations had.
I’m now munching on some chocolate raisins, and watching New Tricks.

Blackouts so far : 41
Seizures: 2
Feeling: Content, in Pain but content.

2359- so, Im in bed but still awake. Fibro is causing PAIN! and I feel all potsie. But hey! Up in a few hours for college! Woo!
Blackouts so far : 43
Seizures: 2
Feeling: tired,in pain but positive!

General Overview of the day: Blackouts have been badish, had 2 seizures, peeeed myself once because of one of said seizures, POTS episodes have been bad, I’ve fallen over a lot. HOWEVER i’m positive again, and thankful for the support I had today! I love you all!

So Thats that, day over.
Goodnight my loves. I shall press publish in 5…. 4….. 3…..2…..1….


About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. I'm Lana, a 20 year old crazy person with chronic illness/disability living for the moment. my blogs a bit weird, a bit 'out there' and a bit well... me. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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