The Spoonie Series! #1 Hospital List!

As most of you know, I went in for my eeg + video telemtry  (or whatever the bloody things called) the other week.  For a full update, watch this space as I’m currently writing that but it’ll take me a while.
This post however is the first part of my Spoonie Series.

Below is a list of the things I took in to hospital with me and in italic is my comments regarding it, i.e. what I used what I didnt use, what I would take again, and why etc etc
So here goes!

Obviously my walking stick(durrrr!) – everyone loved the minions attached to sid the stick
My medication for the weekend – they locked it away though. The nurses laughed at my organisation for each days meds.
List of meds +dosages – came in handy because they had to write it all down – it helped because I didnt have to spell it all to them
ILR revealer- obviously I cant go anywhere without it!
ILR home box thing- again took it because I had to!
Plasters that im not allergic too. (I.e. peppa pig plasters),-glad I took them
My paperwork, – obvious thing but essential.

Toiletries (and stuff like that)
Towel – a must have obviously even though I wasnt allowed to shower in hospital.
Flannel- mines pink, and fabulous and soft ngl. Love how soft it is!
Soap + cover- Its always good to have soap with you that you’re not allergic to!
Sponge- A MUST HAVE WHEN YOU CAN’T SHOWER! Again, mine was pink and super super soft!
Toothpaste- cant be without it obviously
Toothbrush- AS ABOVE
Bepanthem/witch hazel (I.e. tattoo stuff) – this was specific to the fact that my tattoo was still healing.
deodorant – I’m glad I took roll on as well as spray. I felt the roll on was safe compared to the spray! You know how sensitive fire alarms are nowadays!
Wet wipes- can’t cope without wet wipes I tell you! The ones I get are fab for everything!
Tissues- glad I took my own tissues, the nhs ones are like craft paper!!!
Hairbands- but I couldnt put my hair up…
Hairbrush- Never loved my hairbrush as much as I did at the end of my hospital stay!
Cottonwool (I have a thing for cotton pads) – cotton wool pads (the round ones) are my fav, Knowing I have them in my bag is a comfort. Yeah, I know. i’m crazy. But still.
Handcream- I used it each night
Handgel (the one that kills germs!)- I’m quite picky with what I put on my hands. And I don’t like nhs gel so I use my own!

My salt pots (for my POTS) – as a potsie this was a specific potsie thing and must have! Especially as they have the whole lowsalt thing going on now in the nhs
Choc Raisins (a must have)- I can’t go a day without a choc raisin or two
Grapes- grapes and chocolate raisins were the only snacks that I opened and ate really.
Breadsticks- didnt open them
Chewysweets- didnt open them
Gluten free brownies!!!- didnt open them but have eaten them since- LUSH
Lollipops – only opened them so my visiters could have one haha!
Biscuits- Didnt even remember I had them to be honest
My waterbottle- must have for me because its how I a- monitor what I drink and b- stop myself from spilling water down myself at 3 am after a seizure.
Lucozade (Cant spell for shite tonight)- was only taken with me for emergencies (its a long story)

Clothes etc
Gummies/Croc things- Yes.I rocked my crocs. They were fab easy shoes. No way was I walking around without these I’m telling you!
Socks (that dont match- obviously) – odd socks were worn OBVIOUSLY. I do wish I took fluffy ones for night though!
Tenna ladies + Underwear (inc bras) – obviously a must have
Hats (essential even though I cant wear one!) – I took two – just because its me.
Shirts ( because It has to be front open tops only)- must have obviously.
T shirt (for coming home in!)- I ended up not bothering putting a t shirt on and left my dodgy oversized shirt on!
Pjs (penguin ones!)- very comfy and very important!
Hoodie (for comfort and warmth!) – it got quite cold in the day time so my hoodie was a huge help
Lightweight dressing gown ( because wards are tempermental!)- had this on everytime I went to pee….and that was a lot I tell you!

Glasses+case – obviously me being me I didnt bring my glasses cleaner cloth thing. Dumbass.
Cool spray thing- it got really hot on the first night so this came in handy!
Nail file- Didnt use it but it wouldve been sods law if I didnt take it I wouldve needed it!
My blanket- I can’t stay somewhere without my blanket. I don’t know why.
Gump and Peppa (i.e. my “mascots”)- must have.
Pic of nat- cant sleep without a picture of her near me.

Dvd player + charger- could not have coped without this machine!
Phone + Charger – my lovely mum paid 9.50 for me to have wifi for the weekend (thanks mumsie!) So that and my phone to skype my loved ones helped pahaha!
Ipod + Charger- cant cope without my tunes!
Earphones- had to have in ear headphones obviously, but yeah couldnt have coped without them!
Books- I took two books and didnt read either.
Notepad + pens- was good to do some notes for college and stuff.
Wordsearch- helped a bit to do these whilst eating my  morning toast and jam.
Dvds- I took loads but we all know It was pointless. I literally watched moulin rouge, mamma mia and high school musical all weekend long.


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Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. I'm Lana, a 20 year old crazy person with chronic illness/disability living for the moment. my blogs a bit weird, a bit 'out there' and a bit well... me. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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