Not gonna kick the bucket list

Not gonna kick the bucket list

So this is what many people would call a bucket list, however you would not BELIEVE the amount of stick I get for calling it a Bucket list.

This is HUGE GIANT a list of all of my many targets, wishes, goals whatever for the here and now AND FOR THE FUTURE! The biggest ones include go to Eastbourne air show (AND ACTUALLY STAY THERE FOR THE WHOLE DAY EVEN IF I HAVE TO BE IN MY WHEELS!), Finishing writing my book + Getting it out there for people to read, Making my own video documentation of my life (either make myself a documentary or become a vlogger!), Seeing Luna (yes you Gillian!) again and having bug hugs AND GOOD SELFIES (and go to IKEA of course;)), Attend a Belinda Carlisle Concert, be happy in life, live not just exist and of course- Own a whites tree frog…

Personal Achievements (I know everything on this list will be personal achievements but I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO CALL THIS BIT OK? OK!)

Give talks/ presentations about my journey with chronic illness (maybe read them some of my book ;)) / Do a Talk to a Class of Students/hall of people about chronic illness/my journey

Write/finish my book

Publish my book

Write an article to be put online

Go to a zoo; see flamingos, whilst wearing Hamish my flamingo hat (THIS WOULD BE A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT FOR ME I CANT DENY!) DONE june 2016

Knit scarves for the homeless

Raise money for the Tanzania Fund

Have an adventure book

Get Vince to sign my copy of his book

See Luna again + Have big bug hugs with her + TAKE GOOD QUALITY SELFIES!

Make a disability awareness video

Make a difference in someone’s life

Make a documentary on my life (and show it to people! Especially young people!)

Dye my hair pink DONE May/June 2016

Travel by helicopter (preferably NOT for medical emergency purposes…)

Have chickens/Keep chickens

Go to see my relatives!

See the people at collyers again!

Celebrate my Birthday with those I love every year

Take selfies with all my Favorite People (i.e. the twits I call my family and friends of course 😉
OTHER Life milestones (SOME ARE FAR FAR FAAAAARRR in the Future kind of Plans)


See Belinda Carlisle in concert

Milk a cow

Register to be an organ donor- I’m on the list people I even have a card! 2016!

Have selfies with each of my favorite people!

Do dub smashes with Luna/Jacky boy/Titch/Suzie/cheeky pants/ izzy

Write a will

Organize my own funeral/ write a plan/letter (No, I don’t intend on dying any time soon HOWEVER I think EVERYONE should at some point, have it documented what they want when the time comes, because it’s so shitty for those left behind if there are no clues as to what the dead person wanted!)

Have selfies with a llama (Lana Llama selfies ;))

Play Hide and Seek in IKEA

Sing in a car with Luna!

Sing to Luna down the phone at least once a month (even if it means leaving her a voicemail doing it) to make her smile!
Take a Photo of Me Carrying a Photo of Me Carrying a Photo of Me

Keep a Diary of Everything I Do on my Bucket List
Go to the Moulin rouge!
Use a Fake Name at Starbucks
Have a water fight with the ones I Love
Wear a Shirt That Says “Life” and Hand Out Lemons to People
Watch Fireworks with my loved ones
Let a balloon go on the 3rd of each month with a message attached for a year
Fly a Kite DONE may 2016
Get in a Taxi & shout “Follow That Car!!”
Go to a Horse Race and Wear a Fancy Hat

Be a Volunteer in an Association
Be at Peace With my Body, my life and my situation

Be Honest About Everything in Life
Be Myself
Be Someone’s Hero
Be Brave- Always

Keep Natalie’s promises

Break a Guinness World Record (knowing me this would involve hats, chocolate coated raisins or dislocations)

Care Less About What People Think

Make a difference to As Many Lives As I Can

Change Someone’s Life For the Better

Complete a 365 Day Photo Challenge

Conquer Insomnia

Dance Like No Ones Watching

Discover my Life’s Purpose

Do What Makes Me Happy

Do Something People Say I Can’t Do

Prove the world wrong


Laugh until I cry

Enjoy Life

Live, not just exist

Complete this list
Be  Happy

Get Engaged

Get Married
Have a child
Have a Cup of Coffee With a Stranger + a Deep and Meaningful Conversation with them
Build a family

Go to gay pride

Meet tiff in person

Meet my spoonies in person

Get my own home

Learn to love myself

Be a Bridesmaid

Be a Godmother

Tell the ones I love (Partner, Family, and Friends etc) I love them as often as I can!


Have any child of mine christened

Become Instant Friends With a Stranger –COMPLETED- 2015- BECAME INSTANT FRIENDS WITH MY LUNA ( GILLIAN)
Conduct a choir/orchestra for a special concert

Go to a hospital appointment in a limousine… Well why not? I have enough of them; why not go to one in style 😉

Go to a hospital appointment in a onsise!

Go to a pub crawl with my closed friends Dressed As our nicknames…

Go Bear Hunting (like in the book of course!)

Play pie face with the ones I love

Jump Out of a Cake or box

Laugh Daily
Laugh Till my Face Hurts

Name a Star

Leave a Gnome in someone’s Garden
Surprise Someone


Have a party/event at home with alcohol, a bbq and my chocolate fountain

Recreate my childhood “chef surprise” experience…

Do a wheelie in my wheelchair –Done june 2016… its not advisable… it wasn’t as fun as it sounds ha!

Photo bomb Someone

Learn to Say “Hello” in 50 Languages

List 10 things I am grateful for each day!

Plant a Tree

Send Flowers to My mum

Ride in a Tractor

Education/ Career

Go to uni (or do open uni if health doesn’t permit ‘going’ to uni)
Learn a new language

Do more floristry stuff!

Be in a newspaper/ magazine

Have an article of mine published

Complete a Degree

Complete all the Books from ‘1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die’
Do a first Aid Course
Write a Letter and Read It 10 Years Later
Teach someone to read

Teach someone to write

Be happy in whatever I end up doing.

Have a career of some sort.


Host a dinner party

Carve a pumpkin

Have a bbq with the ones I love

Have drinks at the ice bar

Go to a LGBT+ bar (just for the hell of it with my best ones!)

Try escargot

Go to the pie and mash shop with mum

Have a cocktails night with mum, uli, Luna, jack, titch and Suzie

Have a picnic in a park with my loved ones

Eat haggis in Scotland

Eat “fish and chips” (obvs not fish, chicken instead!)on a pier

Bake a cake for someone

Do a bush tucker style thingy ma jig

Do a cocktail lesson

Make woo woos for Luna, Babs + titch!

Bake a Banana Cake
Bake a Cake For Someone For No Reason
Bake a Cake For Someone Special
Bake a Cheesecake – DONE July/August 2016

Bake a Giant Cookie

Bake a cookie with a gooey filling
Bake a Lemon Cake
Eat Bugs
Eat Frog Legs
Eat Something That Looks Disgusting
have my Own ‘signature’ Drink
Bake Cupcakes
Bake Halloween Cookies
Bake my Own Bread
Cook Breakfast on a BBQ in the Sun

Cook Christmas Dinner
Create my Own Recipe book
Eat a Belgium Waffle in Belgium

Eat a Crepe in France
Eat a Croissant at a Cafe in Paris

Eat Chips by the sea
Build a Gingerbread House

Eat a Deep Fried Oreo
Eat a Deep-Fried Mars Bar
Eat lunch from the Street Food Stalls
Eat at a Restaurant By Myself
Try a Food I Can’t Pronounce (Not hard for me – I have a speech impediment!)

Try Foods I Normally Wouldn’t
Win a Drinking Game

Have a Signature Dish
Improve my Cooking skills
Make a baked Alaska
Make toffee/chocolate Apples
Make Homemade Marshmallows
Make Homemade Pasta
Make Jell-O Shots

Make Vodka Gummy Bear things!
Drink a Mojito with jack


Solve a rubix cube (IT TAKES SKILLS!)

Learn to glass blow

Learn to knit – COMPLETED FEB 2016

Learn to crochet

Learn to make my own jewellery

Do Crosswords Every Day For a year
Do Sudoku Every Day For a Year
Join a Book Club
Learn Basic Sign Language
Learn a Hilarious Phrase in 10 Languages
Learn a New Word Every Day For a Year
Learn to play the Ukulele
Learn About a New Religion

Find a Karaoke Song That I Am Comfortable Singing + SING IT BABY SING IT!
Learn to play the Guitar

Complete a Painting in One Day
Complete a Recipes Book Project
Build an IKEA furniture item by myself… (TAKES SKILL!)

Build a Sand Castle
Finish a Puzzle

Compose a Song and Write the Lyrics

Become a daily Blogger! STICK TO IT


Do a documentary of my life
Create a Children’s Book
Create a Scrapbook
Design my Own Hat

Make my own hat

Knit a blanket for my wheelchair!

Knit a Blanket

Knit a Cushion Cover
Knit a Scarf
Knit and Donate a Blanket
Make 10 Music Videos/Parody videos
Make 10 Short Films

Make a “Wall of Inspiration” in my Room

Make a Dream catcher
Invent a Board Game
invent Something

Hand Make Pottery Using the Spinning Wheel

Do a Detailed Pumpkin Carving

Do a Melted Crayon Canvas – DONE July 2016

Make a Message in the Sand
Make a Quotes Board
Paint a Flowerpot
Perform at a Stand Up Comedy Club
Perform at an Open Mic
Sculpt Something from Modeling Clay
Sing Every Time Asked a Question
Write a Book
Write a Book to Each of my Children (if I have children)
Write a Full-Length Play
Write a Quote Each Day For a Year

Decorate a Blank T-Shirt

Make a Candle

Make a Tie Dye Shirt

Make Mosaic Art (in some form or another!)

Learn a line dance ( Because I THINK it may be possible with walking aids)

Play in an arcade!

Yodel on the phone to someone

Make a Gingerbread House 

Travel /Adventures/Outdoor

Watch the sunrise + set in one day by the sea


See the northern lights

Get lost and explore a foreign country

Go to a music festival

Sleep under the stars

Go geocaching

Go to an outdoor cinema

Go on an evening walk to a lake

Spend a day at Brighton beach

Walk in the rain

Go to the top of the shard

See the angle of the north

Go fishing by myself

Go to the cinema by myself and watch the film BY MYSELF – Done August 2016- suicide squad

Go to peppa pig land


Ride on the back of a motorcycle

Go clubbing

Go for an adventure in a Volkswagen camper van

Go to Paris

Go to new York and be a tourist

Visit Belgium


Stand in a red phone box in London

Go to IKEA with LUNA!!!!!!!!

Participate in the Color Run (bit of a long term goal that I’m not sure If will be achieved but AIM HIGH AND ALL THAT!)
Pick Apples at an Apple Orchard
Pick Strawberries

Pick Wild Berries
Get Lost in a Corn Maze with jack + titch (TULLEYS PEOPLE!!!)
Go to tulleys shoctober thing with my loved ones!

Go back to Austria with Jack!

Kiss a Sea Lion

Kiss in the Rain

Watch the Sunrise & Sunset in one Day

Play Bingo at a Bingo Hall


Go to Disney Paris

Go to Sweden to ABBA museum/ world

Go to Germany for the Christmas markets

Go to Germany on a mini break

Go to Eastbourne to THE AIR SHOW!

Go back to Portmahomack!

Go back to Plymouth

Visit Stonehenge

Visit Auschwitz

Road trip with friends

Go travelling by myself

Visit Edinburgh Castle

Go back to Inverness

Go to the top of the Eiffel tower

Go to Ireland

Go to Paris

Go to Blackpool

Go to Liverpool and do the whole Beatles experience thing

Dance in the rain

Go zorbing

Wheel the race for life

Go paintballing (I know, this one isn’t very likely to happen but hey!)

Watch the cricket live! (With someone who understands cricket and can explain it to me!)

Either watch or play wheelchair basketball

Watch a Paralympics event LIVE

Go strawberry picking

Pick wild berries

Go on a Gondola in Venice
Go to the Harry Potter Studio

Go to the sheep fair in findon!
Go on a pub crawl

Go to a Halloween Party

Arrive at an Airport and Take a Flight Randomly
Attend a Beach Bonfire

Be a Flashmobber

Organize a flash mob

Go to a theme park or 5 😉

Get Picked Up at the Airport By Someone With a Sign With my Name on It
Go to a park, lay down and chill whilst Cloud Watching
Go fishing
Go For Picnic
Go to all the Monopoly Places (take pictures)
Go for a nighttime walk with my loved ones…wearing glow sticks 😉

Pretend to Be a Window Mannequin and scare the shite out of someone

THINGS THAT ARE SUPER IMPORTANT AND DONT NEED A CATEGORY 😉 (I.e. I don’t know what list they belong in)

Go and visit my favs at collyers

Go to Eastbourne air show

Cross abbey road

Have a Disney marathon

Watch Moulin rouge + mamma mia with Luna

Play the lottery

Toss a coin into a fountain

Go to the dogs and place a bet

See les mis – LIVE

See Miss Saigon with mum

Leave inspirational messages in public places

See an opera

See an animal being born

See someone give birth

See a ballet

Write letters to all that have ever inspired or helped me

Kiss under mistletoe

Go to a charity ball / dinner

Have my picture taken at platform 9 + ¾

Find a four leaf clover

Have a food fight

Release balloons

Get a piercing

Get a whites tree frog

Make a time capsule

Take pictures in a photo booth

Make a calendar with my favourite photos

Have a word of the day, every day

Own a kilt

Do more for charity

Build IKEA furniture by myself or with Luna/Jack/Titch

Pet/feed a penguin

Go to a zoo


Get my face painted (sunshine themed)

Write a letter to my future self

Get my face painted (PEPPA PIG THEME)

Go and listen to people perform poetry

Go to a standup comedian open night thing

See a comedian live

Perform poetry/ read out some writing live

Build a Blanket Fort

Calm an Extremely Angry Person
Care for my Parents When They Are Old

Carve my Name into a Tree (I know that’s bad BUT…)
Connect With an Old Friend
Create a New Family Tradition
Attend a Ball
Attend a Belinda Carlisle Concert
Attend a Bonfire event
See a Circus Show

Attend a Classical Concert
Attend a Dinner Murder Mystery/Murder mystery event
Attend a Fancy Cocktail Party
Attend a Film Premiere

Attend a Foam Party
Attend a Masquerade Ball
Attend a Paint Party

Attend a Rave

Attend a Street Party
Attend a fair/Carnival
Big Party For all my Friends
Dance in the Moonlight
Adopt a Funny Accent For the Day

Have a family Photo shoot

Friends /loved ones photo shoot
Appear as an Extra in a film or TV show!

Appear in a Music Video
Appear in a News Article on TV
Appear in a YouTube Video That Has Over 1M Views
Appear on Television
Cover my Ceiling in Glow in the Dark Stars
be present at someone’s birth

Hold a Tarantula

Be a Contestant on a Game Show
Go on the radio!
Be a Member in the TV Audience

Be in a Magazine or a Newspaper
Ride a Black Taxi in London
Blow Bubbles in the Rain
Call Someone; tell them to open their door, and Be Standing outside

Go inside a Light House

Do Something Absolutely Spontaneous
Do Something Unexpected
Draw Funny Faces on all the Eggs in a box
Drink 10 Different Cocktails (in one night….with jack, titch, sis, and Luna of course 😉
Dye my Hair Pink


Get more tattoos (I currently have 1- done in sept 2015)

Act in a Play
Play messy twister with the ones I love

Watch all the Harry Potter Movies in one weekend!
Watch Rocky Horror at a Midnight Showing

Find a Word That Rhymes With Orange

Get Retweeted By a Celebrity
Go commando for a day
High Five a Stranger (Not with a chair…)
Hold a Baby Chicken
Leave a Note in a Library Book
Participate in Nanowrimo
Put Mentos in Coke
Ride a Mattress Down the Stairs
Ride a Mechanical Bull
Ride Every Single Ride at a Theme Park
Ride on the Back of a Motorcycle
Sleep on a Boat
Sleep Under the Stars
Smash a Watermelon
Snow Fight
Write 365 Letters to Someone

Go on a Treasure Hunt
Go to a Fancy Dress Party

Go to a Pantomime
Have a Pillow Fight
Have a Silly String Fight
Have a Snowball Fight
Make People Laugh

March in a Parade
Participate in a Food Fight
Play Laser Tag
Play Spin the Bottle
Play the Bagpipes

Spend an Entire Day Watching Disney Movies
Throw a Cake in Someone’s Face
Make a Snowman

Milk a Cow

Name a Star

Be a Bridesmaid

Meet someone famous!
Sing a Karaoke Duet with the ones I love


Visit my Childhood Home (and where my grandparents lived!)


Attend a Foam Party

Attend a Gay Pride Event

Attend a Jazz Festival

Attend a Masquerade Ball

Bet at the Dog Races

Go to the cinema by myself

Pose with figures at a wax works

Ride a mechanical Ball

Go on the London eye at night

See an Opera

Sing karaoke in public

Try Caviar

Recreate my favourite childhood pudding that my granddad made for me- Jelly and ice-cream with a twist J

Be a tourist in my own town (C’MON CRAWLEY!)

Build a Sand Castle

Find a Treasure With a Metal Detector

Learn the Heimlich Manoeuvre (because YOU NEVER KNOW)

Learn to Juggle

Make a Balloon Animal

Send a Message in a Bottle

Win a Stuffed Animal at a Carnival

Win a competition



Be an Organ Donor

Be Present at a Birth

Do a Charity Walk

See the blood brothers with Luna!

Find the Meaning of my full Name

Help Someone with Their Bucket List


Take a Self Defence Class

Ride in a sidecar!

Sledge in the snow!

Go on a Spontaneous Road Trip

Throw a Dart at a Map and Just Go

Watch the changing of the guards
See Mamma mia live!


About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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