New Review! – Tena Ladies!

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored for this post, I paid for the products myself in a supermarket, my opinons are my own. But should Tena (or any other company) wish to send me some samples to review I wouldn’t turn them down!

So, about 6 months ago, I did a review on Tena Ladies, which surprisingly proved VERY popular!  I had a fair few emails, comments and LOADS of views.

BUT I wasn’t overly happy with it. I felt like it lacked something. So I went away, thought about it a bit more, had a chat with some of you lot AND HERE WE HAVE A  NEW REVIEW! WOOO!  – It has elements of the old one with added extras! Here’s hoping its as cool for you all and helpful as the last one!


Okay so before you carry on reading I want to assure you that you are still reading The Story of The Inconsiderate Cripple Blog, the blog about me,the 18 year old who is just Chronically Fabulous, and my world! You have not been taken to a different site!

Warning: I’ll be talking about Pee, “episodes” which manifest as non epileptic ‘seizures’ Incontinence and other things like that!

Something a lot of you don’t know is that about 80% of the time I wear Tena Ladies pants.  Oh the Horror! I just announced that I wear Adult Incontinence nappies most of the time.

I started to wear Tena Ladies Pants in around Augustish , and to be honest, even the thought of wearing one was not something I adjusted to easily.
So I decided that I needed to write this post for reasons that will hopefully become clear by the time you finish reading it!

I’ve been ‘blacking out’/ passing out for absolute YEARS and I’d always been rather confident. I didn’t let things get me down… But when my  full on HUGE episodes (thats what we call them now) started  in July 2015, I lost that confidence. I lost some of my glittery sparkle!  The thought of fitting in public was terrifying. Not because of the episode itself – but the fear of peeing myself  in public! That was what scared me the most! It was bad enough peeing myself in my own house let alone public.

With this in mind and the growing concern my loved ones had of my sudden loss of ‘lana spirit’ my mum mum suggested Tena’s.

At first I thought she was taking the p*ss! (No pun intended hehe!).

However, once I thought about it properly and had a conversation with my mum about it (after the shock had worn off), I decided that I would get a pack and see if It gave me that confidence back, because at this point it was getting ridicluous and I was willing to try ANYTHING to get me ‘back out there’.

Well everyone… let me tell you something.
Without the Life-changing amazing gift that is this Adult Nappy type Thing, I would not have been confident enough to leave the house again. I would’ve stayed a shadow of myself.

Don’t get me wrong, they are NOT the most attractive of underwear… and its HARDLY a beautiful sight such as lace black knickers with the BEAUTIFUL satin feel……

I still wear my good old faithful standard granny pants… *cough* I mean normal underwear if I’m going somewhere local (i.e. Ulis house hahahahaa!). But if it’s a car drive away or If it’s to go out for the day or to go to my hospital visits, or Visiting someone, then I wear my Tenas! – I also tend to wear tena ladies at night on bad health days.

At first I was really self conscious, constantly asking people that knew “Does my fat arse look big in these”  or ” Can you see the Nappies”!

But now…?

I don’t care!

I had problems with my pee as it was, and the episodes made things worse. At the end of the day, they’ve given me my confidence back, they’re comfy and they do the job! So why the hell not!

So, why blog about it and tell the whole world about your buisness down there?

Google “tena ladies” and I promise you you’ll find articles about old ladies and Places you can by the products and thats about it.

There is nothing reviewing them. There’s nothing normalising them! There’s nothing that goes “Tena ladies are for those that need/want them, not just old ladies”.
Peeing, bladder problems, incontinence are things that are often classed as too sensitive a topic to discuss. Too private of a matter. Especially for us British people.


I say, Why shouldn’t people talk about it!
I get that its sensitive, and that bladder problems, peeing yourself, “dribbling”, Willies and Froufrous are all taboo to most people. But At the end of the day? These things happen! And WHY SHOULD PEOPLE SUFFER IN SILENCE?
Why not just embrace life, and be open about it!
Sod it! Sod it all! Its all a part of the human body. A part of life!  A part of nature!

Okay so you’re probably thinking “bloody hell someones turned Lana into a hippy”… I have just reached the stage where I don’t care what people think anymore!


Tena Ladies.

I use Tena Lady Discrete Pants + Night Pants



Tena Lady Discrete Pants –

Pros: -these ones are fab and are very Very discrete! So much so that a friend of mine asked me if I was actually wearing ANY underwear the other day!
– They are SOOOO COMFY! You wouldn’t believe how comfy they are!
– they’re actually quite pretty!


– They are easy to use
– They do the job nicely!

-They are quite Expensive (However, I think they are worth it but still!)
– The stigma attached to them (now not an issue for me, hence the post but I know for some it may be an issue)
– The sizes are a bit odd and difficult to work out.  the ones I get are quite bit I could probably get away with a smaller size However with My bloating etc (Possible IBS), I think sticking with the size I use is my best bet.
– would be cool if they came in different designs, or even slightly different styles (like “girl boxer” style ones! Or ones with a bit of shape to them! Or COLOURED ONES!!!



I also use Tena Lady Night Pants.

The only difference between these and the discrete ones are that these are a bit more bulky because they are more absorbent! Ab fab for night time! (And by far the best for longer distances)

Overall, both products so far have saved me from a lot of what could have been “interesting” situations!

They are game changers.

They are sooo comfy, and are so easy to use!

I was expecting them to be like big old granny nappies with tabs to secure and everything!

But No! You just wear them like normal knickers! Only they have absorbancy in them!

For the first couple of days, I was really aware of them when I wore them, and Much like most women would describe when They first ever wear a S.T., I waddled about like a penguin! But I soon got used to them!

For anyone that has problems with what I’ve described and need their confidence back – They may seem expensive, but please, give it a go! You never know, it may help!

I’m Lana, I’m 18 and I use tena Ladies. Get over it.

Plenty of young people have urine issues! I’m not the only one you know!

If anyone wants to discuss it further feel free to facebook me!

Thanks for reading!

I Love you all!

LanaLoo! Xxx3xxX

(LanaLoo… Hmmmm Natalies nickname for me is even more fitting in this situation dont you think! 😂)




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10 Responses to New Review! – Tena Ladies!

  1. Evelien says:

    Thanks for your openness.

    How do you deal with your period? Use sanitary pads in addition?


    • Hi there, yes, I use sanitary pads in addition, Its tricky though as the pads stick to the tena ladies, so I’m currently exploring “RUMPS” as an alternative. I’ll soon be posting more “taboo” subject related posts – keep an eye out! 🙂 x


  2. Lucy says:

    I too have had to resort to tena lady pads during the day and pants at night due to a bladder issue. Im glad i found your site I thought i was the only girl my age wearing them xxxxx


    • Hi Lucy *HUGS* I’ve been trying new brands at the moment- so a new review will be coming soon, as will a post about periods relating to wearing incontinence products so keep an eye out x sending lots of squishy hugs and if you need a chat feel freee to email me! xxxx


      • Lucy says:

        Thanks Luna I’m looking forward to reading all you have to say on incontinence products especially about periods as i struggle to manage them. Some squishy hugs back at you x and thanks for taking the time to write to me! xxxxx


  3. Lucy says:

    Haha sorry *Lana!


  4. Scott says:

    I also have problems with seizures and the unfortunate indignities that accompany them. I used to use the men’s ones but they are just not close fitting enough and leaked like crazy so I settled for the lady ones after being given some to try by a work colleague/friend of mine who also used them (for slightly different reasons) and I agree they work so well and my friends definitely notice I’m more confident going out! More power to you!


  5. Willys Hound says:

    Hi’ I was reading your blog about The Tena Lady pants. I have some bladder leakage and I know what you mean about a situation like this.
    Because I’m​ so active and skinny and the Tena mens are too big for me, then I tried the Tena Lady pants and the work very well.
    They have the fit and comfort of women’s panties but just I don’t like the dragonfly printed on them.


  6. Willys Hound says:

    Now I have accepted these as my daily use underwear, they’re very discreet and breathable, also they have the look and comfort of feminine underwear such as the purple dragonfly prints.
    I can lounge around the house in the morning on those disposable panties.


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