What Do I DO at night? an answer to Luna’s Question!

Hi Everyone!

I’m back…Again.

I have good reasons for the lack of posts! Look out for yet another updatey thing soon! There are also some rather Entertaining  blog posts coming up ( well I think they’re entertaining, it might just be because I have a sick sense of humour! 😉 – sorry that was puntastic…)


Yesterday (Good Friday! I cant believe its easter weekend already! this year is flying by already! ) was a bad day for me. I think I over did it this week, and I spend the majority of the day in bed, ‘napping’ and sobbing to myself. I’m under strict instructions to start listening to my body more…. BUT ITS HARD BECAUSE IM SO BLOODY STUBBORN AND ITS WORSE BECAUSE I KNOW IT!

Fastforward to this present moment, andIts 0300 am. What am I doing? Well I’m writing a blog post ofcourse, and listening to my music as always! Tonight is my LUNASUNSHINE PLAYLIST ( haha luna, are you jel 😉

Who needs sleep anyway! Sleeps over rated….right?

So, track 9 came on (The winner takes it all- Meryl Streep version incase you’re curious!) and not only was I reminded of one of mine and Luna’s many sing a long moments on the phone (I say sing a long, I start to sing too, and then just let her serenade me – sorry Luna haha! )  – All this is relevant I promise –   I was also reminded of a question she asked me the other day (one of many questions I must add!)

“So, I know you don’t sleep at night… but sunshine, if you don’t sleep what DO you do… how do you entertain yourself or do I not want to know ?!!!” ( I would call her a dirty cow for that last part but a) I’m just as bad….b)she knows me way too well and c) she knows way too much …and I’ll leave that sentence to your own imagination but its not what you think…or is it!).

I think I said something like… Read, listen to music, knit, etc etc…

Luna is not the first the first to ask me that question to be fair, but she’s the one that as always actually makes me THINK about it…

So to ‘entertain’ myself at 3 am… I thought I’d do a (possibly rambling) post about what I do do.   ( Yes Luna, I said Do do)

Aside from dislocate/subluxate my joints (LUNA STOP SQUIRMING GORGEOUS AND CARRY ON READING! ), seizure, have syncope (blackouts) episodes, lay in agony, take painmeds , drink ‘potsie’ water, go pee like 3000000000000 times and then eat chocolate raisins because of the 2 am munchies/sugar level drops…

This is what I do!


Yes- one of the first things I do as I try and fail to sleep is check my facebook.  Good old faceybook… Now that super cool basket ball game on messenger is about, I’ve been doing that too but its not easy so gets me all annoyed…and I have to try and be quiet when the rest of the worlds in bed! – So not something I do often as I’m likely to wake people up by calling my phone a dodgy f……..

Another thing I tend to do is keep an eye out on the spoon support site to check if anyone needs a chat or is having a bad night and just needs a virtual  hug and to know there is someone out there.

I’ve also found that because most people in my life know I’m a ‘nightowl’ / insomniac/ have painsomnia/ issues… if they can’t sleep, have some thing on their minds or are drunk, they message me.

Which also keeps me occupied…

My Book

As you all know, I’m writing a book about my adventures, and so a lot of  my chapters are written/added to at night!

For instance- I added to the Luna section, the Letters to Natalie bit, and the ‘you wouldn’t believe me’ chapter tonight.


Although I’ve been a bad blogger and have been neglecting you guys recently I have to admit ( I’m sorry! ) – I do start blog posts and try to edit them at night. Doesn’t always work but hey ho. I TRY.


If you know me and I MEAN know me, then you’ll know one of the biggest things in my life is music.

It was music that kind of sparked off this blog post in the first post!

I have a playlist for every occasion and practically every important person or thing in my life. (If you’re really special that is 😉 )

I feel like music is what keeps me sane at night.

Music is my coping mechanism -But that is going to  be featured in a  post of its all!

I not only listen to my music at night, but often mime into my walking stick too… Because well why not!

I also ‘do’ music- Alright, admittedly, I can’t play my clarinet or Keyboard/Piano thing at night (or much at all at the moment because of my joints! BOOOOOOOOOO!) but I do still compose/arrange music at night.

Watch Moulin Rouge + Mamma Mia + Love Actually (sometimes I watch other films, but those are the top 3!)

Moulin rouge, I can barely go a day without watching it I AM LITERALLY OBSESSED. AND ITS ALL LUNA’S FAULT! I only watched it because she was like ‘go on you’ll love it just give it a go!” And NOW I’M OBSESSED. It’s my new ‘go-to’ film. I waltz (*snorts* ME! WALTZ! HA!) around singing all the songs… I quote the film left right and centre! (can someone tell me, is it centre or center?! it’s doing my brain in!). It’s just amazing.

Mamma Mia is a film that has been watched by me throughout some of the shittiest moments to date! When I was off of school/college, puking my guts up, this would be in the dvd player, my copy is even complete with sing-a-long option! oooooo! SO ZESTY!

I remember going to see Mamma Mia! when it came out at the cinema, I’m PRETTY sure I went with my mum and my aunts and possibly cousin (auntie ann, if you’re reading this, was this one you came to see!??)  but I could be wrong! I loved it instantly having been an ABBA fan my whole life! I Shit you not, I’m obsessed with ABBA to this day- but for the full story on that you can wait till the day my books a best seller and you’re reading your signed copy!  ( You can laugh, but J.K. Rowling was a normal person too once! and now look!)

Love Actually – well who doesnt love love actually! My favourite bit is the bit with the prime minister and ‘JUMP’.

-All of the above films are watched whilst eating raisins and drinking either potsie water, milk or a vodka based drink ofcourse….  *HICCUP!*


Again, finding this a bit tricky without wearing my splints at the moment- its very difficult BUT ILL FIND A WAY!

Sing and Talk to Dexter (and hug him if hes awake) 

He really is a cutie… when he wants to be…

I would say I talk to him because he doesn’t answer back or moan…BUT the cheeky sod has suddenly in the past 3 weeks become a gobby git!!!!


I’m not a regular snaptwatter or whatever you want to call them, but I doooooo  do the odd snapchat at night. it tends to be with one of those horrendous but hilarious filters – but why the hell not eh?

Email People

I should be banned from doing this. I actually buggered up my old colleges email thing the other day because I sent an email I wrote at like 430 am on strong pain meds…Swearing my head off OFCOURSE. oops (SORRY GUYS I LOVE  AND  MISS YOU… WELL MOST OF YOU HA!!!)


If I’m bored I’ll watch some youtubey videos. But surprisingly I’m not that into watching  youtube at the moment. Apart from the SacconeJolys – who cheer EVERYONE up.

If I don’t sleep at all, (I’m normally, lucky and get  in  a few ‘naps’ in (like literally 10 minutes at most here and there) – then I will repeat the above steps until its a sane time to get up or failing that – I know that Luna is awake and available for our early morning phone call!

So there you go. Thats 10 minutes of your life you’re never going to get back. BUT its an answer at least.

Laters Gaters Luna- Love from Sunshine 😉 xx

Laters Everyone else!

Lana xxx






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