An updated ‘bit about me’

Over a year ago, I did a post called “a bit about me” or something. I thought a Year on, I’d answer the questions again because stuff has changed+ I’ve added some new questions!!! 😂😂😂

1- What is your name?  Lana! Although, my “real” name is Alana, but I don’t like it. Very Few people can get away with calling me it.
2- When is your birthday?16th May! (wow its nearly that time again!)

3- Do you have any nicknames? I have too many. – LanaLoo,Sunshine, Peppa,Ginger, AJ, the inconsiderate cripple, Loo/Looloo, LanaBanana, LanaApple, Lanabananaapple, Auntie Lana Banana Apple, lil sis, moo, larnie,  Larnypops/pops, bert, mofy/mofo, mush, cabbage, hoebag, turkeytits, Mavis, turniptits, banana, hatgirl, Tuna, Dicky, lanie (think lane- eeee), Crips, Stickadick, Wheels, Stripes, TheStrangledSmurf (I have purple hair…) and my current favourite nickname – guglielmo. 
4- Hair Colour? It’s currently purpleypinkypurpleyviolet!
5- Eye colour? Brown!
6- Fav colour/s?  Purple, Pink, Black, turquoise, White, Yellow,Red,+ ofcourse Rainbowwwwssssssss
7- Fav Smell/s? CHOCOLATE RAISINS SMELL AMAZING, the sea side (who doesnt like the smell of the sea!), books, talc powder, the smell of fresh air, anti bac hand gel! mums carpet cleaner foam spray thing, woowoos, the smell of most cocktails, bleach, pina colada diffusers, 
8- Who are your Best Friends? Aside from my mumsie? My sister Suzie, Jackyboy, Titch, My Luna (Gillian),  And ofcourse, My Beautiful Natalie – Always and Forever x
9- Do you use Sarcasm? Who me? Never would I do such a thing! Ha!
10- What is one thing you like about yourself?  Ummm, maybe my determination or my ability to make myself laugh?!?
11- Fav Film/s- MOULIN ROUGE! Mamma mia, UP, Singing in the Rain, harry potter, lotr, blindside, the proposal, Leap Year, Wall-e, Lion King, Made of honour, and of course, who doesn’t love ELF! 
12- Fav Book?  I don’t really have one specific favourite, if I like something I like it, Harry potter obviously is A fav. Fav play however is Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth. AMAZING.
13- Fav Tv Show/s?  holbycity! Casaulty, Scorpion, Vera, Call the midwife, Endeavour, One born every miniute,, 18 kids+ Counting,  Dont tell the bride! Last tango in halifax! Cuckoo,  Oh and ofcourse downton abbey! I do like a bit of Eastenders every now and then, Like a bit of Graham Norton too! 
14- fav food/s?  Chocolate raisins!!!!!! Homemade smore cookie sandwich thing!, rum+ Raisin fudge, grapes, most fruits and vegetables, Anything chicken related,  pie n mash from the pie n mash shop! (Im a born londoner dont judge 😉 ) Chinese food is lush, As is homemade spag bowl! I also really really love coconut + jam cake! (what can I say…I’m my mothers daughter alright! )
15- Fav Drink/s? Woowoos, Fuzzy/Hairy Navels, most vodka based drinks, Milk, Chocolate Milkshake, Ribena, “cats pee” (fruit cocktail juice that mum said smells of cats pee), Cranberry+ Raspberry Juice,
16- Whats the first thing you notice about someone? I analyse EVERYONE, I dont know if thats a good thing or not! But I read people’s bodylanguage! Physical features I notice first- Smile+ EYES!
17- What are you Listening to right now? Suspicious Minds by Elvis
18- Do you have any tattoos? Yesss! 1 (for now 😉 )
19- Career aims? sore subject. Teaching English was the goal though I don’t know if its still achievable or realistic.
20- Pets? Dexter the psycho cat.
21- Are you stubborn? Hell Yes I am. 
22- Things You Hate? Rude people, liars/bullshitters, fizzydrinks, Cheese, pizzas, crisps (Bleurrgh), Other foods, certain people, certain songs, certains films, escalators, lifts,
23- Things I love- All My family, friends, my Natalie, my parents, My Uli, My Boyfriend Troy, My Jackyboy, Titch + Luna! my sister, nephew + Niece, Dexter, my fav people, cooking, music, nature, craft, books, being creative, playing the clarinet! And piano! 
24- Hobbies? Eating Raisins, Folding books to make things! Crafty stuff! Knitting, Cross stitch, this blog, Cocktail making, arse kicking, book writing, poetry…
25- What Illnesses do you have? EDS, POTS, NEAD,  Vasovagal syncope, fibromyalgia, Costocondritis, IBS, PCOS + many more that shall remain unmentioned for now… 😉

Laters Gaters

LanaLoo xxx


About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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