Review: Z-Tec M-Brand D-Lite Self Propelled Wheelchair

This is a review on my Wheelchair – who I called Marina. Its a blog post that some of you lovely lot WANTED me to write! this was one of the most requested posts! (I STILL CANT BELIEVE THAT I GET REQUESTS NOW!!! CRIKEY!)

All the stuff in this post is my own opinion – I purchased this item myself, and was not paid for this review- although if any ‘living aids’ or mobility aids companies WANT to send me items to review then – you know – get in touch and all that!

So – First things first. MEET MARINA. This picture was taken the day we got her.



There is a separate post which should be up Today if not  Thursday about How I picked my wheelchair  and my top tips- but Marina is a  Z-Tec M Brand  D- Lite Self Propelled Wheelchair (2015).  At the time she was about £220 ish on Essential but we got her at the bargain price of £169.99 if I remember rightly?
There is a newer model out at the moment – with adjustable armrests and removable wheels but its a heavier chair apparently!

Marina is perfect for me as you will know by the end of this post!

So initial thoughts with Marina was that she wasnt as scary as I thought she would be.

She was also really easy to set up, fold and unfold – which is what I needed.

Shes soo comfy too ! So many people have come in to my living room, seen her (if im not in it obviously) and go and sit in her to try her out because she looks so comfy- and she is!!!

My first trip out on my own self propelling did NOT go well. Although oddly that day is very important to me – on that journey self propelling round the block was the first time I ever saw my luna!

Anyway-  I digress, as always.

Measurements wise shes a standard wheelchair. The seat is an 18 inch one- the norm.  its also surprisingly a really light weight wheelchair.

‘Bonus’ Features:

– the footrests not only fold up, they also swing away and can be fully removed

-Anti tip design features (i.e. its got anti tip bars that are removable/can be flipped up to make curbs that bit easier!)

-Removable cushions/padding

-Pocket in the back for small storage

-Attendant Breaks



  • As mentioned above the footrests not only fold up, they also swing away and can be fully removed, which not only means the wheelchair can be folded even smaller and can fit in small boots- but also helps with getting in and out of the chair!
  • The wheelchair when folded is compact.
  • Not over priced in the slightest
  • Its not an ugly wheelchair
  • Did I mention its super super comfy?!
  • Dexter approves… as does Bailey.


  • Attendant breaks are essential for me personally, as 9 times out of 10, I’m being pushed in Marina, not self propelling – so unless we’re ‘parking’ or on a hill in Plymouth with mum driving me, or on a sloping London pavement by the road when my sister lets go, the attendant brakes are the ones ‘most used’.


  •  The armrests aren’t adjustable and are just solid plastic so can be a bit uncomfortable at times – not the end of the world though.
  • The attendant breaks are good but not great but its still safe to use!
  • It scratches easily (but then I do have a BRUTAL cat so that is probably just Dexter being Dexter)

Points for improvement: it would be cool if it could be made so the anti tip bars are literally movable by your attendant kicking them up or something! WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER!

I have a seat belt in mine because I paid extra for the feature- however, I strongly believe ALL wheelchairs should already have seat belts in for safety purposes but  I fear that is for another post.


Overall- There is very little that I can fault with Marina. Shes a game changer for me and has been a life saver at times!

We’re going on more adventures soon so look out for pictures!

Over and out

Lana x


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