Crash and Burn.

Advance warning- I’ll be being myself- as always- in this post,  so it MIGHT be a bit TMI and it may contain talk of blood, vomit, clots, and having medical things inserted in uncomfortable places (BY THAT I MEAN MY LADYAREA!)

If you follow me on social media, or I’ve been in touch personally, You’ll know that not only did I go to the beach this week and turn 19… I also got admitted in to hospital. Again.

I should’ve known something was going to happen. For every 1 good day I have 6 bad. I had 3 and a half good days. Then ended up in A&E and then admitted on to a ward. It was a crash and burn back to reality. It sucked.

Tuesday, just one day after my birthday- I was feeling ok, I had some pain in my abdomen, but nothing too bad at this point . I went with my dad to the library- where he saw his ‘stop smoking counsellor’ woman – and he got this certificate for being 18 weeks smoke free- CONGRATULATIONS FARTFACE – LOVE YOU.

Then, we went to London to put flowers on my Nans tree, (we don’t know where her ashes exactly are in the peace gardens in the cemetry, but when I was little, I chose this tree, and thats where we go to give her flowers).


Its a beautiful place is Putney vale cemetery. Its funny- its right by the main road- and before you walk through the archway, all you can hear is traffic.

Then you get to Nans Tree…And all you hear is the birds.

So, we  got home – and I was beyond tired. I still had the abdo pain- but thats not new, I often have that.

I went to bed and actually slept solidly until dad came and woke me up at 1820. The pain in my abdomen, specifically my lower left side (where my ovary is!), had become a sharp stabbing pain.

He went out to pick mum up from work.

Moments after he left, I was sick. I then went to the toilet, and what happened  next was a BIT of a shock. There I sat, having a wee, and the pain in my left lower side went from bad to worse, and in a contracting like pain, I passed a large (and Im talking, bigger than a ping pong ball here!) solid blod clot out of my froof.   ( BEFORE ANY ONE STARTS MOANING ABOUT MY WORDINGS, I DID WARN YOU AT THE START YOU TITHEADS!).

I then puked again.

I took some pain killers, made sure my ‘justincase’ bag was packed, my meds on the side, my phone charger in my bag, and I stuck a vest top on under my shirt, put my PJ bottoms on, and sat sipping water waiting for my parents to walk in the door (which by this point was literally minutes until they did).

They walked in, I swallowed hard – the guilt sticking in my throat. ‘Mum, Dad, I think I need to ring 111 and go somewhere.

I told them what happened.

They took me to A&E.

I sat there feeling guilty, in pain, scared and beyond tired.

Then who walked in? Kelly, one of my spoonie friends!  Trust us to see eachother again in a hospital!

A lovely woman (physiciany person) called Ros, examined me, etc, and well she was just really lovely!

After I pissed in a few pots, and they failed to put a cannula in me three times.

They managed to get SOME blood eventually via a butterfly (YAY) but still couldnt put in a cannula!

fun fun fun

I wont bore you with all the ins and outs of my stay in hospital, and also because a complaint has been made too so I cant go in to many things.

A basic summary is that I passed more clots, had more tests SOME OF WHICH WERE NOT PLEASANT,  scans (AN INTERNAL ONE WAS NOT PLEASANT!!!!), a speculum thing that made me shout stupid green naked muppets (nothing personal to the dr, but it helped my pain and anxiety of the whole uncomfortable situation),  scrapy thing, and more bloods and pee taken!

With all the things that happened there I felt quite violated!

Meds were given to me ,and they told me its my PCOS and EDS.

My ehlers danlos likes to pipe up a lot if you hadnt already realised.

Oh and shout out to the blonde haired lauren in her late 20’s. you know what you did for me. Thank You.

I dont think I have the mental capacity or the spare spoons to carry on writing about my hospital adventure- even if it was a short one this time.

Ill just let you enjoy my many selfies.

L x


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Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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