Happy POTSie Anniversary To Me…

Hello World.

On the 30th May it marked an anniversary.  3 years ago on the 20th May, I had the test that would be vital in getting one of the diagnosis’ we have had to fight for. 3 years ago that day, that tilt test proved I have POTS. 3 years ago I met My Main and lets face it – Favourite- Syncope Nurse- and shes been stuck with me ever since. 3 years ago, We proved that actually- It wasn’t in my head, there is actually something going on. We proved the not very nice people wrong.

Today, 2nd June, It marks an even more important anniversary.

You see, after that tilt test, it took a WHOLE YEAR to be diagnosed with POTS and oh my was that a battle and a half.

2nd June 2014 I was diagnosed with POTS and Vasovagal Syncope.


To this day, the memories of that appointment are bitter sweet. Yes, the majority of my questions were answered. Yes, the syncope team agreed to take me on. Yes, finally, they were going to try and make me better.  Finally, we had some answers.

But, being diagnosed with chronic illness isn’t easy.  Its hard to be told what is wrong with you in a way that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pinpoint.

Its funny, 2 years on from that diagnosis  and we are still learning more about my conditions and my body each and every day. Its never ending – but thats ok.

Because I can do this. I’ve come this far- and I’m not turning back now.

Onwards and upwards.

I’m a big believer that all things happen for a reason – something that is always being said in my family actually – but its true.

I think having to fight for as long as we (my family and I ) did for answers was meant to be. We met so many people along the way, and we became stronger. I became stronger in myself too. I think it happened for a reason.

All things do. Even if they dont seem to MEAN to at the time.

Onwards and upwards, You know what is right in your heart. Things can only get better and all that jazz. *jazz hands*

Its on anniversaries like these that its important to remember that, a few years ago, I had an even bigger fight on my hands, a fight for answers. That fight that is never over, but it does become manageable… or maybe its us POTSies that become stronger? – I digress- Its important to me that I remember the WHOLE  journey and all the things that happened along the way. Thats why I like blogging so much I think, that I can put my journey down to help me cope with it, but also to help others that may be searching for answers, or that need a hug in the stormy seas of undiagnosed chronic illness. I think I’ve realised that I don’t just blog for me… I blog for the people LIKE me too.

POTS is real. It sucks. Its shite. Most days it can feel like having this condition,- well sometimes it feels like a prison sentence. POTS and EDS are the root of my problems, and although We all can hope for a cure for all of my conditions in the future- for now, I’m just grateful we’ve come this far all these years later.

Laters Gaters

Your Little Ray of Sunshine 😉

LanaLoo xxx



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