She only wanted to be a BLUEBERRY?!

My gorgeous readers…

To understand this blog and the sheer hilarity of it you need to know the following…

1 ) roald dahls book- charlie and the chocolate factory – If you’ve read the book or seen either of the films or even the musical  you will know this already- one of the characters, Violet Beauregarde, turns in to a “human blueberry”.

2) If you live in the UK, you’ll probably know that every year, theres a thing called the summer reading challenge in local libraries, where kids between the ages of 4 and 11 are encourage to read 6 or more books over the course of the summer holidays and there are rewards, stickers and a certifiate at the end  ( )

3) this year, the summer reading challenge is Roald Dahl themed.

4) My mum works in a library, and in the library she works in, they are amazing, and dress up for events such as the summer reading challenge and world book day…

Ok, so  –

My mum. I’ve talked about her before, you already know shes all kinds of awesome sauce, so picture this…

Theres me, my parents and the cat, all chilling in the living room, on an ordinary weekend.

All of a sudden she starts talking about the summer reading challenge, and I’ll  be 103% honest, at first I wasn’t listening.

Then she starts talking about being a blueberry… which ofcourse, grabs my attention…

“a blueberry?”

Yes. A blueberry.

Fast forward an hour or so later, and shes showing me simillar versions of these   And in the little description of said suit it says about using it to dress as a super hero… that’s when she suddenly says the one liner that had me in stitches for days…

“But I don’t want to be a super hero…I only want to be a blueberry”.

My mum ladies, gents, and others!

Fast forward again and shes getting us to blow up the yellow inflatable thing (which took AGES)   that appears in one of my previous posts  ( My New Protective Gear…  ) in the hope that she can cover it in blue material and wear it to work.. not realising its SOOO big we cant get it out of our door let alone take it on a bus to work.

So it was back to the drawing board…

Eventually- Dad very kindly brought her a ‘proper’ blueberry outfit.

So heres the big reveal…

Here is my mum, the blueberry that did not want to be a superhero- but is MY super hero blueberry dragon lady of a mum all the same (love you mum).

Not many people can say their mum is a blueberry…



and this photo here is from the west sussex reads site – (

Lana x

p.s. I’m one very proud daughter here- my mum really is the best!


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