4 Years Ago Today! A little look back.

Four years ago today, my life completely changed and my whole world had been spun upside down, and I didnt even realise it.

Four years ago, I had my first ‘blackout’

(I say first, this was the first official one, this was the one that we call my first one as we always blamed the previous events to hitting my head and knocking myself out).

So, four years ago, I blacked out, lost consciousness, by a pavement which was by a busy main road, on a hot summers day, and when I had came back round, I was more upset about the disappearance of the birthday cards I had in my possession (we think that I was mugged, but we will never know for sure)  and the fact that I had ripped my new jeans (I had only had them a day or two) than anything else. Looking back, the fact that the only person that was there when I came back round was a woman  with a pushchair, and all she said was “so you ARE ok then” and proceeded to walk around/over me, is what upsets me the most. I was 15. 15 years old. I had completely lost consciousness by a busy road, not knowing what the hell happened, feeling utterly humiliated and terrified, and the woman just walked around me, not offering help or ANYTHING.

From that day, my health slowly deteriorated, and lets face it, here we are now and I’m a lot worse than back then, so that day, 8th August 2012, a day that when I awoke in the morning, I expected to be an ordinary day, well it was the point of no return, a pivotal moment in my life if you will…BUT I’m still here today – and although my health is utter shite?I have amazing people in my life who I love to the moon and back again like 3 million times over, and I seriously couldnt be without, and me? Well I’m a stronger person than I was 4 years ago, AND I’m still smiling – Bonus right?

A lot of people tell me I shouldnt dwell on dates and where I am at on my timeline. But you know what…? it helps me to look back. I’m a completely different person now, and my life is nothing like I ever expected it to be – but its okay, because it is what it is. HOWEVER, I feel its important to document stuff. Its important to look back, and think F*CK ME look how far I’ve come!!!!!

And lets face it … I’ve come a bloody long way!

Enjoy the nostalgia if youve known me for 4+ years, and If youve not known me this long, enjoy the many selfies…


First we have 2012…


Then 2013…





Love you all you titheads ❤

Lana x


About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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