I fell 11ft…but I only wanted a wee

An advance warning- I might get emotional here (then again, I might not…) its about something very scary that happened almost a fortnight ago now.

The day was a usual one at first… even managed to  go to the cinema with jackyboy.

Then after speaking to mum on the phone before she came home from work… I really wanted a wee (yes this is important, bear with me).

I walk up stairs, had a pee, came out, washed my hands, walked over to the stair case with the intention to get on my bum and bumshuffle down the stairs… but unfortunately I didn’t get that far.
I ended up seizuring off the side of our banisters. If  you’ve never been to my house… I seizure off an 11ft drop basically. I somehow came back round halfway through falling, tried to grap something to save myself, which was a bed sheet- so which was  as my sister would say – about as  useful as a chocolate teapot in a hot country.

You’d have thought that falling 11 ft would result in me breaking my neck- or worse- but NOPE. Luckily I escaped it all with a concussion, bloodclot bruise things (Apparently its an EDS thing) and a flare up day or two – and I honest to god don’t know how I didn’t do more damage.

I’m so SO lucky I didn’t do more damage I really am. It was beyond scary.

All I could keep saying to mum was “I fell all that height. I  only wanted a wee”

I only wanted a wee and look what happened.

I only wanted a wee – and my body only wanted to fly. 11 ft.

Concussion was not my best friend, especially as I had barely gotten over the last one. Apologies if I messaged that night haha!

Here are my many selfies of the night and the bruises and swelling etc. I wish you got to see them in person-the pictures don’t do it justice!

It was scary but life goes on! Shit happens but oh well!
Love LanaLoo xxx


About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. I'm Lana, a 20 year old crazy person with chronic illness/disability living for the moment. my blogs a bit weird, a bit 'out there' and a bit well... me. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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