So, I’m sorry its been a bit quiet again on here. If you follow me on facebook, twitter or Instagram you’ll probably know this already- BUT I’ve fractured my neck – So yeah- that happened amongst other things.

Its a very VERY long story and I don’t feel ready to talk about it on here yet because – although I’ve talked about it like its no big deal… it was actually really quite traumatic and typing it is a bit difficult.

I’m very lucky that its just fractured.
I fell even further than last time. Fell head first. Concussion, Fractured Neck and some EDS complications. I’m a very lucky girl that I can tell the tale.

HOWEVER, since then, I’ve had some really “BAD” days. Not just physically but emotionally too.

It really hit me strapped to that hospital bed in resus and hearing people talk medical terms over the top of me , them cutting my clothes off, talking to me, telling me not to move, and me replying to them through an oxygen mask.  Just days prior to this, I had an amazing weekend celebrating my aunties 60th birthday – and yet there I was, strapped to a bed in a neck brace and head blocks, with my harry potter top cut open and left underneath me, with a nurse trying unsuccessfully to insert a cannula (she managed to get one in eventually) and having to have scans and stuff.

To then have the doctor tell me I had fractured my neck – well it was like I’d been run over by one of the trucks like dad drives…

It hit me then. This is my reality. Its a part of my life that won’t go away. Its something that I cant control.  I think everything discussed in the past year hadn’t hit me until this point.

Since fracturing my neck, I’ve had a fair few flare ups. Normally I get frustrated BUT I can stay positive. BUT this time? Its really shaken me. Mentally, emotionally, physically? I’m just as fractured as my neck.

I know it could’ve been worse. I’m lucky I know.

But its still a huge deal.

HUGE thanks to my family and friends that have gone out of their way to see if I’m ok etc – Thank you for being amazing as per.

I love you all.

ALSO huge thanks to Charlene and all the peeps in A&E, and the amazing paramedics : Jen michael Jamie and tim  you were all amazing.
AND a thank you to the taxi driver who was both the most insane and the most hilarious taxi driver ive ever had- and trust me… I’ve had some crazy taxi drivers before.

Ofcourse- I have to thank you lot, my beautiful inconsiderates for being so patient and for holding my hand on this journey. You’re all beautiful.

If I’m a bit quiet- I promise normal lana will be back soon – I’m getting there – I promise.

L xxx







About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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