Blogmas #1 – Christmas Confession

Morning peeps,


I’m doing BLOGMAS!

If you don’t know what BLOGMAS is, its a post a day for 25 days (up until Christmas day)

Its the first blogmas post from me – and its going to be a strange one!

My Christmas Confession? I’m not really a Christmas person.

Then why am I really doing BLOGMAS?! Well, A) it was heavily requested, B) Its not like I don’t WANT to like Christmas and C) IM TRYING TO BE CHRISTMASSY OK?!.

I used to really like Christmas.

In my opinion – this time of year, its not about what is under a tree- its about the people you love. Christmas is a time for family and friends.

My Nan passed away when I was 7 years old, but I do have some Christmassy memories of her- which will be in tomorrows vlogmas day 2 post. I’m thankful that I have so many memories of her – especially festive ones.

After nan died we used to try and spend either Christmas day or boxing day with my Grandad – although sometimes he would be like “NOPE” and when he said no, he meant no. However we made sure we saw him around the festive period regardless of if it was Christmas day boxing day or another day near to it all.

Then Grandad died and it all changed- and im not really good with change anyway.

It was like the tiny bit of Christmas magic that I had inside of me kind of went away. It sounds stupid when I type it out, but its seriously how I felt.

Christmas has changed so much over the years. I’ve changed too  I think.

Also can I just add in here- I really don’t like opening presents in front of people – its a real big fear of mine, it makes me really anxious  – so this is probably another reason as to why I don’t like Christmas as much!

My mum isn’t really Christmassy either (although she adores Christmas films from October onwards ?!) – so a lot of people assume I don’t like Christmas because “I’m my mothers daughter”.

I am my mothers daughter but its not the reason I’m not a Christmassy person anymore.

This year has been really tough and now more than ever the term “Lifes too short” is etched in to my day to day views of life.

So with that in mind – I’m trying to be Christmassy this year.

As an introduction to blogmas itself- I thought Id tell you what kind of blogmassy posts you can expect from me…

A rough guide to BLOGMAS with this inconsiderate cripple (it might change!)

  • Christmas confessions
  • Childhood Christmas memories
  • DIY Christmas Crafts
  • what we eat on Christmas day
  • My favourite Christmas songs
  • Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Christmas Traditions (new and old)
  • Christmas Movies
  • Christmas Stocking Ideas
  • Cookie Recipes
  • DIY Christmas Gifts
  • Christmas Jumpers
  • Christmas- the time for giving
  • Christmas hats
  • Christmas craft for kids
  • what does Christmas mean?
  • Christmas Trees
  • Favourite Christmas stories
  • DIY Christmas Card Ideas
  • Our Christmas Plan
  • Christmas Spoonie Edition
  • Christmas Party Recipes
  • DIY Advent Calendar Ideas
  • Favourite things about christmas
  • Christmas Day – the verdict? (Have I been converted?!)


Lets see if this actually works- but I’m going to try and put each post up every morning!

Wish me luck?!


Lana xxx





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Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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1 Response to Blogmas #1 – Christmas Confession

  1. Susan shepherd says:

    Hi lana I know how you feel about this Christmas lark when I was nine my dad died on boxing day and it took me years to have a Christmas without feeling sad or guilty for enjoying myself x


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