Another Q&A – Your Questions Answered.

Good Afternoon everyone!

I’ve had way too many questions flung at me from some of you lot recently so heres some answers to some of them!

I’ve only picked a few – and I try and answer them individually anyway.
Do you sleep with your bedroom door open or closed? Closed because of the cat… although he opens it himself when hes a)being naughty or b) picking up on my health/seizures
Would you rather be attacked by a big cat or a swarm of wasps? errrm… cat! I get attacked by a big cat all the time!  – (and i really bloody hate wasps!)
What is your song of the day (p.s. love you lana and love your blog!) ? – my song of the day today is Lay All Your Love On Me – ABBA   (p.s. love you too and thank you My lovely)
We know you love chicken – so What do you dip a chicken nugget in? I DONT DIP  A NUGGET IN ANYTHING! I DONT DO DIPS! IT WOULD SPOIL IT ! 
What 10 movies could you watch repeatedly and still adore ? Moulin Rouge, Mamma mia, Love Actually, The Lakehouse, Bridget jones Series (sorry thats cheating i know but HA!), Harry potter (any of them!), Lion King, Lady in the van, beauty and the beast, Hocus Pocus. (theres more but you said 10!!!)
Do you sing in the shower? Doesnt everyone?!
What did you want to be when you were a kid?! – A nurse or a Teacher
What were your hobbies as a kid and how did your EDS affect them back then (before you got worse!)  – I used to do football, Dancing (ballet and stuff) – I stopped because of my joints and because of stuff that was happening at the time. I also did  Brownies and Guides and i miss it so bloody much but im not sure i could cope with it all now in all honesty!
Can you swim or do you dislocate? I cant swim no and i havent attempted it since my conditons deterioated.
Can you knit or crochet Yet Lan? I can KIND of knit, im getting there SLOWLY!
Are you religious? whats your religion ? I was christenned as a kid and stuff but I think I’m “an explorer of faith” at the moment. A book review will be posted soon and i explain more about my religious views then.
How  many times a week do you seizure? Too many!  I seizure EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Can you bring back Story Time with Lana pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?  – well ACTUALLY you’re in luck I am bringing it back this year!
Lana xxx

About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. I'm Lana, a 20 year old crazy person with chronic illness/disability living for the moment. my blogs a bit weird, a bit 'out there' and a bit well... me. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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