Songs from my shrimp.


Faith had a list of songs sent to me for after she had died.

The email came through the Monday after she had died with a message which simply said ” Enjoy the memories and spread the giggles beanie you know what to do “. I didn’t understand until I received the letter yesterday

Each song that is on the list has a story behind them. I sort of figured it would bring some sort of smile to those few people that knew faithy if they knew WHY these songs are significant.

Sex Bomb – Tom Jones.

We had quite a few physio sessions booked in for the same time. and as with most hospitals, we’d be waiting a g e s for our appointments.

one time, our physios were both almost an hour and a half behind schedule.

So in a corridor style waiting room, it was just us and her mum. I had to keep her distracted because she hated things going against schedule. I sang songs to her, she had to type in random songs to youtube, and id sing along and “dance” – it was great fun. Then I got up to put my banana skin in the bin, and suddenly she started playing through her phone “sex bomb” full blast. I danced to the bin…put the banana skin in the bin… tried to do a moonwalk back to faith whilst singing sexbomb… I didn’t really realise a bloke was standing watching me until I tripped over my stick, and went face first in to his crotch.

It was a running joke after that to sing sex bomb every time you go to a bin.


2)  Bitch – Meredith Brooks

I used to see faith a lot when I was still at college as in some of my frees or even before college if I had a late start, Id go for coffee with her and her mum in Horsham.

most of the time if I did go for coffee with them her mum would either drive me back to college or if it was good weather they would walk me back there.

We were in her mums car – and this came on the car radio.

we both looked at eachother and started to head bang to it singing loudly with the windows down.


3)  Home – Gabrielle Aplin

She always said this song sang to her, that it was a piece of music that could make her heart sing.



4) Delilah – tom jones

She talks about this in her letter to me.  But whenever she was in a dark place id sing this to her because she bloody loved tom jones.


5) Holding out for a hero (shrek) – Jennifer Saunders

Shrimpy loved shrek ( as do I ) and also we both adore saunders. and abfab – obviously.

Somewhere there is a video with me, wearing a pair of underpants on the outside, with a blanket tucked in to my tshirt like a cape, “dancing like superman” to this in a physio session that we shared together. – again it was mainly to cheer her up. Physio is painful – and she hated going.


6) Faith – George Michael

Obviously I used to sing this to her – her name was faith it would have been a missed opportunity if I hadn’t.  however I was adamant that it was TOM JONES That sang this originally not George Michael. Woops.


7) You Cant Hurry Love – Phil Collins

We both loved the film jumpin jack flash – theres a scene where whoopi mimes to this song.

We both loved this version though. got to love phil Collins.

8) Kiss- prince

she traumatised a poor cleaner once at crawley hospital. she was given pain relief that made her totally mouthy and not faith like at all…as although to me she was always my faithy, a damn right crazy woman, to the rest of the world a lot of the time she was shy and withdrawn faith. Anyway, that day she thrusted herself in the poor blokes face whilst singing this. Again theres a video of this somewhere


9)  Feels like I’m in love – Kelly marie

Our all time fav film  – imagine me and you – has this song in it.  we always said if we were able bodied and not edsers we would recreate the scene in the film where this song is played.

Our favourite line of the film is “YOURE A WANKER NUMBER NIIIIIIIIIIINE ”


10) Same Love – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Ft Mary Lambert)

She came out last year She loved this song, and spent the entire of month of july listening to this song every single night.

11) Eden by Sara Bareilles

She always referred to heaven/afterlife as eden. She loved the idea of there being a paradise after death where she could be reunited with people she loved.
This song has nothing to do with her view of the afterlife,but she loved the lyrics and loved the song. she’d sing it to me when I was having a bad day.

12 ) Breathing Underwater – Emeli Sande

This is MY favourite song, and when I first sent her a link to it, she listened to it and called me, with it playing full volume in the background screaming down the phone “OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS SONG IS AMAZING AND ITS SO YOUR KINDA SONG AND OH GOOD LORD YOU NEED THIS SONG PLAYED EVERY TIME SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE SAID THAT PEOPLE NEED TO LISTEN TO”.  I feel like she’s put this on here to remind me that every day is a miracle no matter what happens.

13) Don’t you forget about me – Simple Minds

Funny story-  a friend of mine kept telling me I had to watch the breakfast club – and like a year or so later I finally watched it. Fai hadn’t seen it either – so her mum got her copy and we facetimed each other whilst watching it seperatley but together (if that makes any sense) – we were both in tears by the end of the film.

14) Macarena – Los Del Rio

Believe it or not she wants this song played at her funeral as they “carry her in”  She also wants me to wear my flamingo hat. the things we do for that girl.

15) Up where we belong – Joe Cocker and Jennifer warnes.

she always said this would be her first dance at her wedding. she then said she’d never get married.  we used to mime to this song in her mums car, using my walking stick and her special drinks bottle as microphones.

16)  You Can Leave your hat on – Joe Cocker

Finally  – the song she’d sing to me at every opportunity, which was fab, until (again a medically induced high as a kite faithy situation) she had too much meds in costa and decided to sing this to me as loud as she could whilst wearing my white bowler hat.

I wish more people knew the faith I knew.  she was quite fun really was my faithy.

Lana x



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