Happy Mothers Day

IMG_9178Happy Mothers Day to my Mummy.

Now I know everyone thinks their mum is the best but Mine really is.

If you dont know the full ins and outs Im not going to explain it today or on facebook (feel free to ask but i will not post it on social media) – basically i got a diagnosis last year that as a family was hard to process, and although it made sense, it wasnt easy to accept or get our heads around, mum especially. And then after that, there was even more that went on that was incredibly challenging to deal with. Im so lucky to have my mum because although our lives has been a bit difficult (and days continue to have scary moments) she kept it together and continued to fight with me for the treatment, support and Help i needed.

She works full time, comes home and deals with me- often ive been on the floor in a heap or in pain and i go “muuum i need to go somewhere” (somewhere being a hospital). Then if we go to hospital of our own occord or ambulance, We then are often there till the early hours, or im kept in, which still means mums done a full day at work, and then is up till all hours. Yet she doesnt ever make me feel like a burden.

We are big on “normality” in our house because our lives are far from normal, so we laugh and joke as much as possible, We muck about and we have banter. We create happy memories in the dark days.

We argue like any other parent and child dont get me wrong we wind each other up.

But were incredibly close and have a very special bond.

Mumsie is one of a kind. I mean how many people can say their mum dresses as a blueberry or giant peach.

I get very anxious about stuff and mum eases it. Sometimes its just because shes a distraction – like when she starts singing songs from rhyme time.

Mums name means sword.

Mine means little rock/stone.

She calls me her rock,
And i call her my secret weapon.
Because you dont mess with the mamabren! They call her dragon lady for a reason!
Her eyes go red when shes angry.

It cant be easy being my mum. My mum is incredibly strong and i honestly dont know where she gets her strength from. The woman deserves a medal for putting up with me!

Thank you for everything mumsie.

“what do we do we feeeeeeeeed the dragon”

Love you always mum xxx

Love Larny



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Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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