Reusable Toilet Paper. This sh*t is no Joke.

You’re all going to think I’m mad. Well actually most of you already think I lost the plot years ago. However I just know most of you are going to lose your shit (lol ) over my current thing I’ve got going on.

I’ve started to use reusable toilet paper (it’s also often referred to as family cloth or unpaper toilet roll etc)


But look, I haven’t lost the plot despite what many of you think – I promise. I do have very valid reasons!

First off-  I keep having reactions to normal paper toilet roll. I get rashes and blisters and sores – it’s not just to a particular brand either its most toilet papers, and ” disposable wipes” too.

Secondly, I started using RUMPS (cloth pads) because I would react to disposable sanitary products, even with changing them every 20 minutes within seconds I would react – something which apparently is very common. My cycles are very VERY irregular, but when I do have a period, I bleed very VERY heavily, I would go through packet after packet of disposable pads each cycle, NOW when I have a period, I don’t use as many pads, I wash them after each cycle ready for whenever my body decides to give me another one and the whole thing is a lot more comfortable. WITH NO REACTIONS.

Changing to Cloth Pads was the best decision I’ve made in a long time (I’ll be doing more on this soon).

When it was suggested that I should give reusable toilet paper a go, I thought you know what, sod it. Let’s do it, you never know it might actually help my reactions.

So, almost 2 weeks in I can tell you that IT HAS WORKED!

I am now a full on convert to this alternative toilet roll. Its incredible.

As a disclaimer – I do of course use normal bog standard (see what I did there) toilet roll when im out and about at someones house or in a public toilet etc, or if my reusable toilet roll is in the wash but  I have noticed a VAST improvement.

The Kit I went for was this one   from cheeky wipes.

I also got some additional wipes from there and an etsy store (which is currently shut but when its back up I’ll link it) to supplement my stash that came with the kit.

If you’re interested I’m thinking of doing a whole series on this and how it all works very soon. But basically you use them store them wash them and use them again.


If you know me in real life, don’t panic, if you come to my current home, I’m the only one using cloth, everyone else here still uses regular toilet paper, and when I move, I’ll make sure I have a stash of toilet roll there so that guests have an option of the flush-able stuff (that and ill need it if there’s a moth in the bathroom to SQUISH IT #sorrynotsorry)

Thought I’d just blog about it as lets face it I Blog about most things! and it might help someone out there you never know!

L xx

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Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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