Re-usable Toilet Paper -10 Questions Answered

So – surprisingly the majority of feedback I got  from you lot after my first post about the reusable toilet roll/ “family” cloth was POSITIVE?!

Understandably, you had a fair few questions, so here’s a post attempting to answer all your questions about How I deal with Sh*t… it will be TMI you’ve been warned.

  1. what IS a reusable toilet paper made of ?

Its essentially a piece of cloth. (the majority of mine are cotton terry cloth squares. But some are other materials). Its just a square of material, you wipe, store then wash, and RE USE when clean and the cycle continues.

2. How do you prepare them for use?

I use the Cheeky wipes system currently, so I wash them, put them in the blue box with water and essential oils ( i use mandarin oil), drain the water, give them a squeeze and they’re ready to go! – but i will be experimenting with other systems soon.

3. But HOW do you wash them?

Ok so if theyre particularly ‘poopy’ then jet spray them with the shower head (Cold water not hot or the stains will set)  But if not and theres no for want of better words “lumps” on the cloth, then they can go straight in the washing machine with the meshbag, insert that is in the green “mucky” box Cold rinse to start, then a nice hot wash. I tend to do a cold rinse, followed by a hotter wash with my eco egg.

4. Do they smell?

Nope! As long as you change the water regularly and add the essential oils and wash them properly and regularly!

5. Don’t they STAIN?

Mine are a funny colour because i made the mistake of washing them with dark colours. but in terms of actual poop or pee stains NO they have not stained, but every so often I do chuck a scoop of vanish gold oxi in the detergent drawer, which keeps them even more “white”.

6. Do you have to touch Poop *shudders*???

I can honestly say that after the amount of times I’ve had to deal with poop the past few years with everything thats gone on with me – that and sorting my godchilds nappies- poop does not phase me. however for some i know this is a huge issue. I can hand on heart say that I have not had to physically touch the poop on my cloth wipes, even when I’ve jet sprayed them.  HOWEVER and this is TMI but if you know me, you know I dont give a Sh*t (pun intended) – I found more issues with disposable regular toilet paper and touching poop than I have my cloth paper! Some toilet paper is so cheap and fragile that it splits and that Sh*t is NASTY when it splits or worse gets stuck.
So in terms of this, i think cloth paper is far superior. There. I said it.

I just realised that im as fussy as my uncle bob is with toilet paper. woaaah.


Again you can still use cloth paper on your period, it doesn’t stain. IT IS FINE. Again, if anything its BETTER! No toilet paper stuck to your froo!

8. Do you use normal toilet paper too?

Sometimes! the reason  I switched was mainly because of the allergic reactions i was having to normal toilet paper, but since switching, im fine, and I can use the regular toilet paper occasionally without the same extreme reactions as before! I did experiment and did a whole week back on regular toilet paper – the reactions came back with a vengeance so I can 100% say that I will always be using cloth paper at least 75% of the time for the foreseeable!

EDIT : 12/3/18 – currently using normal toilet paper because ive just moved house and the washing machine doesnt arrive till today and doesnt get plumbed in till the weekend

9. What washing powder or stain remove do you use?

I use an eco egg, and occasionally throw in a scoop of vanish gold in or even sometimes leave it out in the sun – the sun is an amazing natural stain remover.

10. Is it money saving?

I didn’t go in to this cloth malarkey to save money – but i imagine it DOES save money.  it certianly is worth it to ME even if it doesnt save much in terms of cost, it saves my poor arse from a nasty allergic reaction!

An updated post about “family cloth” is coming super soon and if anyone has any more questions leave them below or email!


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