Exploring Faith #1 – An Introduction.

Controversial Topic I know but I want to do a series about Exploring Faith.

One of the questions I’m asked most is What Religion do I follow/Am I religious?

When I think about it its a question that I’ve been asked not just online but even day to day in forms etc. And the answer is something I think I’m still discovering.

I currently like to call myself an Explorer of Faith.

A brief history to me, is that I was christened, Church of England, at about 5 months old.

I have 6 godparents – not sure why I think stating the number relevant. i think its because some people find it odd i have more than 3. I had a discussion in a church the other day where the Vicar (? Not sure if he was a vicar, a priest or what his title was but for the sake of this I’ll call him a vicar and hope I dont offend him or anyone else) had said that he had recently done a christening where the baby had 13 godparents, so all those that think my parents chose too many, there are people with more than double that!  – He actually really inspired me and the conversation is something I want to do a whole other post on so look out for that.

My family are not overly religious, We are not really church goers.

I did used to belong to a children’s sunday school type thing that was linked to the dancing group I used to attend. Going there was quite cool to me. I still remember some of the songs we would sing, one about Jesus being our friend sticks in my mind like an ear worm and I still, way over a decade on, find myself singing it to myself sometimes.

At secondary school religion was something that really did intrigue  me. I used to love RE lessons, and used to belong to a thing called quest (which was linked to the light house project) , which was a religious lunch time club. That was something that fascinated me. Even if I didnt want to admit it at the time.

I also, was a member of the girl guides, and attended church parade.

Over the years, I’ve kind of not really questioned or explored faith for ME.

I’ve not really asked myself the question. Am I religious? What DO I believe in?

I’ve not really thought about what religion and what being religious means to me.

I read a book fairly recently written by someone who worked with my dad, and I really think that after reading that, and meeting Carl myself, it was the first time I’ve really thought about religion and what it means to me. (I’ll do a post about this bloke and his book soon so look out for that)

I have no idea what I’m going to find on this journey.

For all I know, I could get to the end of this series of posts realising that I dont even feel I’m a believer, which is perfectly okay if I’m not. Its perfectly okay if I find out that I am.

I just want to explore it. And see where I end up.

But as so many people seem interested, and I couldnt really find much about it on the internet. it being EXPLORING faith itself, it seems to be very one sided on the blogs I did come across, and it tends to be stereotypically  preachy,  which is fine because the blogs are about someones journey so it is personal to them and its about THEIR OWN experiences.

But I want to take you on MY Journey, And I want to  open up a discussion as I do so, I dont want to preach at you, especially when  at this moment I’m not sure what I would  even preach.

The things I’ve kind of planned to cover already include The conversation in the church i had recently and being a godparent and what that means to me, My Christening and my own godparents, questioning faith after loss, heaven/hell/afterlife, being angry and struggling to believe, Carls Book, and theres a LOT Of other stuff I want to cover but if you want to ask me anything  or think I should look at  covering a specific thing please please please do, because lets face it, its me, ill be winging it haha!

If this isnt something you want to read, I have other content that I will be posting too, but this is a journey i’m hoping you might join me on.

I have a feeling it’ll be an interesting one.

Lana x

About The Inconsiderate Cripple

Hi there, I'm the inconsiderate cripple. Welcome to the world through my eyes. Welcome and Hopefully - You'll stay with me on this journey!
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